it was christmas! and i got super spoiled! and i love christmas and family and carter and carter and carter and christmas!

and now it's new year's eve! and i am so excited to spend it with family and carter and carter and carter. :)

hopefully i'll get some more pictures taken. i'm a slacker. nbd. but when i get back home to edmonton i'll post pictures of how spoiled i got for real. eeek.

HAPPY 2012!

i've decided to do some resolutions this year. and some of them involve carter, so hopefully he'll be okay with that too.. haha.

no diet coke during the week. it's killing me. ick.
read the book of mormon. because that's what we're studying in church this year.
get married in the temple. well on my way. :)
learn to cook. i don't want to starve or spend money unnecessarily anymore. although this one will be more of a big deal after february 18.
spend less time criticizing myself because of other people's accomplishments.
get a job. full time.
enjoy the remaining time i have being 'single' (not married) [47 dayyyys!!!] and enjoy MORE the benefits of being a wife.

i think these aren't too tough, right?
i'm going to get a chalkboard at my house (i love chalkboards!) and write all of these on them and put them in the kitchen so i see them every day.



my love came home early. i'm elated. ahhhhhhhhhhh.



My love is coming home in THREE days. I can't wait to see his face! I feel like I haven't seen him forever!  Eeeeeek! And then it's CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas!



let the gift giving, piano playing, junk food eating, sugar bowl watching, family loving, snow playing, wedding planning, friend seeing, bridal showering, craft show shopping, no more studying season begin!!

about time for a christmas wish list, ya?

numero uno. i wish for a new pair of moccasin slippers. mine are great, but old. i want these ones.
numbah two. bench pants. i'm supes jealous of my friend cylie. she's beautiful and wears beautiful clothing.
number tres. silver jeans. that make me look like i have a butt. that'd be superb.
fourfourfour. a super cute iphone case. like this one here.
schfive. hair extensions. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
numero six. a kitty. (and permission from my landlord to have a kitty.)
luckynumbersleven. a lifetime supply of diet coke. i'll be good, i promise.
[may as well go to 10, right?]
#8. itunes gift cards. always.
nine. a vacuum. am i getting old or what?
dios. - i think that means 10 - my wedding invites addressed.

ps. i get married in 64 days.
pps. christmas is in 10 days.
ppps. i never wanna go back to school. ever. until january 9.
pppps. viktoria sulz is amazing and i love her. :)





* - this semester. includes tests, quizzes, exams, and take home quizzes.
** -  before i get to go home and celebrate christmas &  semester break & eat snickerdoodles & have a bridal shower!!! eeeeeek!!!



So many missionaries!

Yet another of my best friends has been set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And I am bursting with pride! Elder Adrian Jones is joining the ranks. Read his blog. He's such a kindred spirit. :) Also, Elder Ethan Palmer is doing a great job in the Phils thus far. And Elder David Paxman (no blog. What a brat.) will be home in a matter of mere months! How incredible! I have been so blessed to have such amazing guy friends to look up to. I love all 3 of these guys (& Marshall & Dahlin, of course and naturally. Plus, we're not even talking about Carter right now..) and I wish that all of them could be here for my wedding; alas, they will be where they're supposed to be. They'll be here in spirit!

I only have 4 exams left! Woo hoo!


no internet. :(

dang, i miss blogging.

well, i just moved. and my house currently has no internet. which means no blogging. because the only times i have internet are at school, where blogging is frowned upon, and when i babysit, which is when i use the internet to study. booo. but i'll spend christmas break catching up!!

[ps. 73 days till i get married to my best friend!]
[[pps. 7 days of school left.....]]



OMGGGG this is so stinking cute.

Love Someone Like You're Six.

sleep, please.

looks like i'm not sleeping tonight.

turns out i was so stressed about finding somewhere to live

that i forgot i have to pack to move to that place.

which means tonight - after babysitting / studying my butt off for my 2 exams tomorrow - i'll be packing. probably all night. i have got a TON of stuff. and i have to do it tonight because tomorrow, like i said, i have 2 exams. and then i am doing a walk-through of my house (yay!). and then i am leaving to go home. and then when i come back up (with my mom & dad & carter) we're moving! so if i don't have all my stuff ready to go i'll probs be in biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble.

pray for me. kthx.



I officially signed my first lease agreement EVER!

Yep, I do currently rent a room in a house, but it's such a gong show.

I paid my first damage deposit too.

Cause I also never even paid one of them for this room.

And my first full months rent! Not just $300!


Walk-through on Thursday!!


He knows.

Again, I must express my love of the Lord. He really and truly knows exactly what we need and when to give it to us. Or IF to give it to us. I am so thankful that He knows me and my needs. I am grateful that He has given us ways of communication and makes it easy to know if we're making the right decision or not. I'm grateful that He has blessed me with an amazing fiance who knows how to calm all my nerves, and who carries the Priesthood with pride. I'm grateful that He has given me the opportunity to learn. And most recently, I am VERY grateful that the Lord has opened doors. Like the door He opened to my new residence. It came at the perfect time. I now know where I'll be moving to! :)


talk time.

have i ever mentioned my amazing fiance?

and how much i love aforementioned fiance?

have i ever mentioned how much we talk on the phone?

let me put it this way.

if i go on my smartphone.

to my rogers account application.

and look at our usage.

we have unlimited evening and weekend minutes.

we only talk on the phone in the evenings.

we have, as of 4 hours ago, used 533:00 evening/weekend minutes.

and we just spoke on the phone for another 135 minutes.

that's right, kids.

2 hours and 15 minutes of talk time.

and then he was all, "i'm tired, i'm going to bed."

so we exchanged "i love yous" and "goodnights" and "sleep goods" and "see you in 2 days" and then he said his final goodbye. and i didn't hang up the phone.

neither did he.

he then began tossing and turning and sighing and making all sorts of funny sounds. the sorts of sounds that people make when they're falling asleep.

so obviously, i couldn't just hang up.

i said. "carter, did you forget to hang up the phone?" and he gasped in shock and then began panting. i started laughing. really hard. it was super funny. hahahaha. omg. i love that guy. legit. he's the greatest part of my whole world.

remember this post? from a long time ago? i still feel the same way.

funny how that happens, hey?

strangers become acquaintances. acquaintances become friends. friends become best friends. best friends become loves. loves become fiances. fiances become eternity.

we've certainly come a long way.


lessons learned.

today i learned that....
- studying really does pay off. not studying has its consequences. like 48%.
- buses are not invincible in the snow. they're scary.
- speaking of snow, it sucks. it's cold, and it's wet, and it's slippery. and cold.
- not even the most perfect fiances can tear their eyes/ears/nose/hands away from video games..
- vehicles with 4-wheel drive are fan-freaking-tastic.
- heat lamps aren't that great.
- i maybe do like jewelry.
- don't put off studying until the last minute. it'll bite you in the butt.
- whilst trying to study, do NOT get on blogger. or facebook. or pinterest.
- talking on the phone while studying is not conducive to learning anything.
- crying doesn't solve anything. it doesn't make you smarter, or more beautiful, or happier, or take away your bad grades and frustration.
- groceries don't buy themselves.



follow my new blog.

Becoming ''We'' 


tlm. die.


it's official.

i'm going to colossally bomb my exam on friday.

university sucks.


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. :( i need a good cry.

crazy life.

here's a look in to the life that is mine.

i just moved. but not really. i just switched bedrooms within my little house. but it was exhausting. i'm currently in the process of finding a bachelor's suite for me and my soon-to-be hubby to live in in december.
school is sucky. i'm doing alright with my grades and such, but it's seriously insane. 7 classes = exams every week. luckily, though, we don't do midterms. i'dve died. [sidenote, so if i read this again in a year once i've graduated, i LOVE pathology reports. we just started them today. lovelovelovelovelove.]
it's getting cold. winter is like.. here.
wedding plans are going great. i have a dress. i have invitations (sort of. it's more of a work in progress than anything). i have everything scheduled. i still have to invite my bridesmaids to you know, be my bridesmaids, and we have to order carter's groomsmen's ties. [107 days, if you were wondering.]
i drink way too much diet coke.
i spend too much time on the internet.
i love jodi picoult. seriously. if you want to get anything done, do not - i repeat, DO NOT! - pick up one of her books. i've read my sister's keeper, the tenth circle, plain truth, and most of house rules in just over a week. ONE WEEK. i read on the bus to school, from school, at lunch, between classes, walking home from the bus stop (i don't read on the way to the bus stop because [a.] it's really cold and i'd rather wear mittens and [b.] usually it's too dark to see the words very well.), and sometimes i even sneak in an hour or 2 (or 3 or 4..) after school.
the fiance is fantastic. he's to die for, really. he's so great. i talk to him for at least an hour. every. single. day. monday - thursday. then he comes and sees me on the weekends. which is awesome. i know he doesn't necessarily love taking time off of work, but i think being alone would suffocate me if he didn't come on weekends.
speaking of being alone.. kelsey eakett is a life saver. she's so willing to come play with me when all i want to do is cry.
money sucks. it's such a terrible thing. who's idea was money? they should be severely punished.
speaking of money.. i'm going babysitting tonight. again. every wednesday. i basically make $50 every week to just do my homework and watch tv.
BUT i have to leave in just over an hour. so that gives me another 45 minutes to read my house rules and maybe even finish it!


sneaky peeky!

we're madly in love.
and we also love Brock J-R Kryton.
he's great.


A Plan.

The Lord knows what He's doing, doesn't He

He knows how to counteract a terrible day (see previous post..) with a fantastic one.

He knows how to turn Mondays into good days.

He knows when to give you the afternoon off so you can have a missionary-ish experience with a friend you never would have expected.

He knows when to relocate a roommate to give you your own personal space. 

He knows when to bring a letter to you, just when you need something uplifting.

He knows when you need a friend to come and chat.

He knows when to have that friend leave so you can talk about serious matters with your fiance.

He opens doors. He lets light shine in when and where it's needed. He delivers the Spirit. He calms nerves. 

He provides a way.


Wedding update:
Engagement pictures are done. I'll post some when I get them.
I bought a wedding dress. It's to die for.
I planned out my invitations today with my wonderful cousin Mandy.
122 days to go.



call me crazy.
call me weak or wimpy or wussy.
call me a crybaby.
call me unbelievable.

but every. single. time. i watch him walk away from me.
every. single. time. i hear that stupidly loud honda accord start up.
every. single. time. i see him drive down the street.

my heart breaks a little bit.
i sit down and bawl.

say i'm tender hearted.
say i should be stronger.
say i have it good, and that i shouldn't be upset.

anyway you put it.
i'm madly in love.

and i hate the fact that i have to face another week.
another exam.
another bus ride.
another lonely meal.

without him.

i'm having a really hard time with this whole separation thing. every monday i wish up and wish it was friday. every friday i wake up and realize that it is, indeed, friday, and that he's coming to see me. and every sunday i wake up and realize he's leaving today. it's an emotional rollercoaster. and i hate it. i hate feeling so alone. 

i'll be okay. i always am. but sunday nights are my worst.



Now we have mice in our house. In the heating ducts or whatever they're called.

Go ahead. Ask me how much I love my house.


I dare you.


House 9-1-1.


This means.

6 girls.
1 bathroom.
1 shower.
1 toilet.

Our landlord is telling us about his life of 
shoveling out feces.
Because that's the drain that's flooding.

Is this considered a toxic hazardous waste landfill?

Should I go purchase a gas mask?


Me thinks it's time to go home to my ma and pa.

Speaking of.

This weekend - this Thanksgiving weekend - will mark the first occasion that my family, in it's entirety, will be at our home in Raymond for the first time since June. Maybe even May. I can't remember that far back.
Can you say 

Plus, my daddy is turning the big 4-3. 





My baby, he don't talk sweet;
He ain't got much to say.
But he loves me, loves me, loves me.
I know that he loves me anyway.

My baby, he don't dress fine;
But I don't really mind.
'Cause every time he pulls me near,
I just wanna cheer!

My baby may not be rich
He's waching every dime
But he loves me loves me loves me
And we always have a real good time.

And maybe he sings off key
That's all right by me
But what he does, he does so well
Makes me wanna yell: 

Let's hear it for the boy
Oh, let's give the boy a hand
Let's hear it for my baby
You know you gotta understand
Maybe he's no Romeo
But he's my loving one man show
Let's hear it for the boy! 


it's so hard!!

i'm trying to study. i'm trying real hard to study. but i can't focus.

so sue me.

i'm getting married!!!

Is this real life?

It happened. I went from being Nicole Martin, girlfriend of Carter Peterson, to being Nicole Martin, fiancee of Carter Peterson. All my whining and crying and complaining finally paid off! I'm kidding, of course.

So yes. I am engaged.

And here's the story.

I only see Carter about once a week these days, because of the distance between Edmonton and Slave Lake, so he came down to see me this weekend. He had a seminar/conference/job fair thing to go to Saturday morning, so he was off on his adventure and I watched Conference. When he got back to my house we went to West Edmonton Mall and just wandered around. I noticed he was kind of antsy, but he had been all day, so I didn't say anything. We were gonna go see a movie, but he pointed out the fact that we only see each other once a week, and did we really want to waste that precious two hours in a stuffy theater? Point taken! We drove back to my house.

When we parked behind my house (per usual) I got all my stuff gathered up and started walking. It was cold and rainy, and I just wanted to get inside. But he called me back. And I, in my cranky way, said "C'mon! It's freezing!" and he said, "Come back!". And I said "No way!" and he said, "Nicole! Turn around!". So I did. And the moron was on the ground. And then he reached in his pocket. And pulled out a little purple box. And I thought I was going to pass out. I was on Cloud 9. Literally. Everything was a blur. And he said those four, perfect, short little words.

 "Will you marry me?"

Naturally, I threw myself around his neck. Ah. It still seems so surreal.

Oh, and of course, I said "YES!"

Our first "activity(?)" as an engaged couple? We first called our parents. His mom, his dad, my mom, my dad (who knew it was coming, obviously, and said "I'm very happy for you two!"), and both sets of my grandparents, his Mammy (grandma), and today we're calling his other grandparents.

Then we ordered pizza and watch Dumb and Dumber.

So there you have it. That's my engagement story. Simple, and to the point. No fuddy duddy romanticizing stuff. And I'm glad! Because that's not how Carter does it. If he had, it would not have been so special.

Here is the first look at my ring.

And the date? February 18, 2012, in the Cardston Alberta Temple.

Consider this your "Save The Date".


i love him.

Josh Turner Scotty McCreery 250x300 Josh Turners Surprise to Scotty McCreery

he. is. fabulous.


i love missionaries. i love having best friends serving missions. i feel so blessed to have amazing friends! 

wanna introduction? okay.

this is elder david paxman.

he is excellently spectacular.
he is serving in the atlanta, georgia mission. 
he left in march 2010,
and he'll be returning in 22 weeks.
march 2012.
i can't wait!!!!

okay, so next.
this is elder ethan palmer.

HE is hilarious.
to die for.
he just reported to the MTC yesterday!
he's serving in the 
philippines angeles mission.
so he'll be back in two years.

and then.
there is this young man.

is adrian jones.
he hasn't left yet.
he reports on december 15.
to the..
cape town south africa mission.

anyways, to the point of my post.
i created a care package for elder ethan today.

get it?
it's the gift of tongues!
kudos to chelan
for posting this idea.

so cute!


Workout: Day 1

Alright folks. I'm halfway through today's workout. And I'm already wiped. I didn't realize how honestly out of shape I am, until I did this workout.


Easy, right? NOT! I'm seriously sitting on my floor - stretching, mind you - sweating my brains out. And I'm doing it twice for max results!

This was how I felt though.


So now that I've actually done this workout, I'm curious. What are your favorite "beginner" workouts? And what are your workout jams?! I made myself a little playlist, but I'm open to suggestions!



Alma 31:31 O Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ. O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me, because of the iniquity of this people.


i love school.

i love learning. i love being with my peers. i love having homework and feeling responsible. i love having a locker. i love carrying around a backpack and packing a lunch and heaving textbooks all over the schools. i love going up and down the stairs and having secret passwords into the computer labs and my accounts. i love seeing the words "oophorectomy" and "thyropharyneal" and being able to break them down into their prefixes, root words, and suffixes. i love getting 18/20 on my spelling test. i love getting 85% on my first medical lab terminology test. i love seeing my schedule that says stuff like "MTR100/T101" and "MLT168/T205/256052*" and understanding it. if you haven't gone back to school after graduating, do it. it's fantastic.


we made it.

what an utterly chaotic weekend.

remember this?

it was his farewell this weekend. the last time i'll see ethan craig palmer for two years. twenty four months. THIS IS MADNESS. i'm kind of sad. but a good kind of sad.

i already miss him.

so basically. we drove down on friday, got lost in red deer looking for erica's house, arrived in raymond around 9:30, met up with friends, partied till the break of dawn, woke up and went to a pee wee football game in the oh-so-windy city of lethbridge, went to the mall, i finally got my bobble!, went home, i hung out with ethan and crew, carter went to stirling, we met back up to watch a movie at 10, stayed up WAY too late again, went to the farewell at 9 this morning, hung out with carter's family, hung out with ethan's family, hung out with my family, picked up erica, left at 2:30. we got to red deer at 7. and his car broke down. YAY. so then we had to wait for erica's cousins to come pick us up and help us fix it. we finally left red deer at 9, got to edmonton at 1030, and now carter is somewhere between here and slave lake.



I'm a scientist!

I did an experiment today. Kind of like a lab experiment. But it wasn't in a lab. At all. It was outside.

Hypothesis: Summer is over.
Experiment: I wore shorts this morning.
Outcome: I froze. Literally, froze. Us, in the city of Edmonton, enjoyed a balmy 12C (Does anyone know how to make the little degree symbol appear? I'm new to this whole "Windows 7/PC/IBM" thing.) today. It was seriously like 3C when I walked to my bus stop.
Conclusion: Hypothesis was correct. Summer has indeed come to a screeching, halting, screaming stop.

But you know what? I'm not even sad about it.

Autumn is bringing some great changes. Some improvements, if you will. I've said before that I feel like this year is a new chapter in my life. Autumn is basically my starting point.

So, here we go.

I hope everyone enjoys school, and wearing sweaters and jeans and drinking hot chocolate. I hope everyone goes to a lot of football games, and isn't afraid to go on long  road trips with people you love to see people who matter.




1. name: Nicole Martin. 

2. age: Nineteen, going on seventeen? :)

3. best friend/s: Carter, Jessica, Viktoria, and David Elder Paxman.

4. relationship status: Taken. And happy.

5. piercings i have: My ears.

6. piercings you want: Secretly, I kind of want this one. But not so badly that I'm gonna go do it. Ow.

7. tattoos you have: I don't have one!

8. tattoos you want: N68 014 717, on the side of my foot. But again, not so badly that I'm gonna do it.

9. favourite blog: Do I really have to choose? Okay. I choose... Brissa. And CaLea. It's a tie.

10. the meaning of my blog name: "Life Happens". Well, it does! It hails from the statement "Shi* Happens." But I thought that was kind of graphic. So I mellowed it out.

11. favourite band at the moment: He Is We. See my previous post..

12. favourite movie: So many! Oh my. Okay, The Princess Bride, She's The Man, and Crazy Stupid Love just made my top 3 list.

13. a fact about my personality: I'm shy. I usually won't tell you what I'm thinking unless I know you really, really well.

14. what i hate most about myself: Paunch.

15. what i love most about myself: Eyes.
16. what i want to be when i'm older: A mother.

17. idea of the perfect date: Anything that is one-on-one time. None of this 'group dating' stuff. That's hanging out, not a date (sorry, YW leaders!).

18. thing/s i hate the most: Molly Mormons, being cold (is that a thing?), Cortez Peters..

19. weakness: Diet Coke!

20. phobia: Being forgotten.
21. what i hate most about school: Cortez Peters.

22. things i find attractive in a guy: Smile. Laugh. Personality. Arms. I LOVE ARMS.

23. biggest turn on: Testimony.

24. biggest turn off: Dropping F-bombs! What are you, a neanderthal??

25. a random fact i know: To get to West Edmonton Mall from my house you take bus route 106. But to get home? Route 4. 106 will get you no where.

26. a quote i love: :..keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe

27. something i need to get off my chest: I hate when my boyfriend is social with people that aren't me. I get jealous.

28. someone i hate: Don't hate - appreciate!

29. the last time i cried and why: Sunday. Carter left.

30. looks or personality: Both.


spoiled rotten.

guess what carter did for me today.

a. took me to ihop for a delicious breakfast.
b. bought me these pants.
c. made me a fantastic dinner.
d. all of the above.

if you guessed d. all of the above.. you were right!! :) isn't he the greatest?!


All About Us.

Wanna know my new favorite song? Do ya? Do ya? Huh? Huh?


It's this one. Right here. Yup. That one. You clicked the right link.

Wanna know why it's my favorite?

First - Their voices are absolutely, positively perfect together.
Second - The music video. How sad/cute/amazing is that video?!
Third - The lyrics.

Take my hand, I’ll teach you to dance.
I’ll spin you around, won’t let you fall down. Would you let me lead, you can step on my feet. Give it a try, it’ll be alright. The room’s hush, hush, And now’s our moment. Take it in feel it all and hold it. Eyes on you, eyes on me. We’re doing this right.

Cause lovers dance when they’re feeling in love.
Spotlight shinning, it’s all about us.
It’s oh, oh, all,
About uh, uh, us.
And every heart in the room will melt,
This is a feeling I’ve never felt but,
It’s oh, oh, all about us.

Suddenly, I’m feeling brave.
Don’t know what’s got into me,
Why I feel this way.
Can we dance, real slow?
Can I hold you, real close?

The room’s hush, hush,
And now’s our moment.
Take it in feel it all and hold it.
Eyes on you, eyes on me.
We’re doing this right.

Cause lovers dance when they’re feeling in love.
Spotlight shinning, it’s all about us.
It’s oh, oh, all,
About uh, uh, us.
And every heart in the room will melt,
This is a feeling I’ve never felt but,
It’s oh, oh, all about us.

Do you hear that love?
They’re playing our song.
Do you think we’re ready?
Oh I’m really feeling it.
Do you hear that love?
Do you hear that love?

Do you hear that love?
They’re playing our song.
Do you think we’re ready yet?
Love I’m really feeling it.
Do you hear that love?
Do you hear that love?

Do you hear that love?
They’re playing our song.
Do you think we’re ready yet?
Love I’m really feeling it.
Do you hear that love?
Do you hear that love?

Lovers dance when they’re feeling in love.
Spotlight shinning, it’s all about us.
It’s all, all, all, all.
Every heart in the room will melt,
This is a feeling I’ve never felt,
But it’s all about us.

Cause lovers dance when they’re feeling in love.
Spotlight shinning, it’s all about us.
It’s oh, oh.
(hey-ey hey)
And every heart in the room will melt,
This is a feeling I’ve never felt but,
It’s oh, oh, all,
It’s all about us.


"He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold on to him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you." - Bob Marley


to do.

-organize my backpack. again. i just keep getting so many new things for school!!
-shower. this is necessary.
-shave. well, this will be while i'm in the shower.
-take off my old nail polish. before i shower.
-repaint my nails.
-call carter.
-read scriptures. with carter, and by myself.
-put my shoes away.
-practice cortez peters so i don't have another mental breakdown tomorrow.

damn you, cortez peters..



if you read this post or follow this board of mine on pinterest, you probably know that i am dying to get engaged. married. hitched. i'm ready to tie the knot.

but it's a waiting game i'm playing.

and guess what?

i'm losing.


happy september.

it's a new day of a new month of a new school year, and thus, a new chapter of my life.

i'm practicing my homemaker skills!!

i'll document later. :)


all you need is love.

"What do you wanna marry me for, anyhow?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want!"

 “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

 "You are what I never knew I always wanted."

"Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide, but I'll love you until the end of time."

If you were wondering, I am loving being in love right now. So many of my high school friends have gotten engaged in the last couple weeks, it's absolutely insane. And now that I'm in YSA again, everyone is so twitterpated! I feel so fortunate to have already found someone who loves me for who I am, and who I love with my whole heart. Ahh. I heart Carter Mitchell Peterson. :)


i'm back!

yep, that's right, blog followers! i'm back! i bought myself a computer (not a mac, but whaddya do?) and i have wifi at my house, and i'm a univeristy student and YIPEE! life is freaking fantastic. :) i'll blog more soon!


I want to blog. I miss blogging. But I have no computer, and blogging on my phone blows chunks. So much has happened since my last blog post.. Ahhhh. Sometime I will blog.


Goodbye, Raymond.

Goodbye, bridge jumping. 
Goodbye, crazy freezing football fans. 
Goodbye, longboarding at 2am is acceptable. 
Goodbye, show choir. 
Goodbye, having my own bathroom and bedroom.
Goodbye, homemade meals. 
Goodbye, puppies. 
Goodbye, brothers. 
Goodbye, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. 
Goodbye, dad. 
Goodbye, mom. 

Goodbye, lazy, carefree days of adolescence. 



19 things I've done in 19 years. 

1. I've become a world traveler! Once to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and twice to Hawaii!
2. I graduated High School. 
3. I was diagnosed with a life changing disease - but I haven't let it change my life. 
4. I was baptized a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I make an effort to remind myself of that 3 times a day. 
5. I have made - and lost - some amazing friends. Every one of them impacted me in one huge way or another. 
6. I ate head cheese. And puked it right back up. 
7. I've almost drowned. (x2)
8. I've been kissed under the fireworks. 
9. I've stayed awake all night, all day, and all night. Consecutively. 
10. I've fallen in love. For real love. Not just teenage love. 
11. I got lost on Calgary Transit once. It was horrifying. 
12. I drove 9.5 hours - by myself - just to camp with my family for 3 days (but I ended up staying for 12 days!).
13. I was stranded in Europe with nothing but the clothes on my back and a fistful of Euros for five days. 
14. I've successfully executed multiple huge surprise birthday parties. But I've haven't had a birthday party since I was 13. 
15. I've been accepted to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and I've been granted students loan!
16. I'm moving out of my parents basement on Saturday! I think that counts, cause it's kind of a big deal. 
17. I sent my best friend on a mission. He gets home in 7.5 months. YES!
18. I decided I'm beautiful. And no one can tell me otherwise. I don't always look it, but I always feel it. 
19. I've discovered who I am, what I'm supposed to do, and where I'm supposed to be. 

My birthday was pleasant. No cakes with candles, and no gifts with pretty paper, but I got to spend the whole day with my mom. I spent a couple hours with some old friends, and I heard a funny story that had me crying with laughter. I guess that people are right - the older you get, the less special your birthday becomes.   

Goals for the next year?
Graduate university with good grades. 
Get a good job using my studies. 
Make a new, really good friend. 

Any other suggestions for goals? :)

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday happy!

And thanks to Brissa for the tweet! :) :) :)


so. many. things. going. on.

my life is so hectic and crazy and insane right now!!

i'm moving to edmonton on saturday! a whole week earlier than anticipated.

carter moved to slave lake. bummer. but it's closer to edmonton than raymond is!

i'm getting my student loans asap. yay!

my family - no offense to those of my family reading this blog post - is driving me crazy. cousins, aunts, brothers.. i'm going nuts. there is so much drama and fighting and back biting and blah blah blah. i don't want to know about your problems. no one really does. ANNOYING. okay sorry i'm done.

also, lastly but not leastly, i'm turning 19 tomorrow. excited? naw. it's not even a big deal. as far as i know, i'm not getting any presents. i don't get a cake. carter won't be here. it'll just be me and mom. and i have an ortho appointment. so bummer there too. annnd i also have to pack my guts out. :( we'll see.

but i don't have a computer and internet so blogging will be scarce. we shall see.

peace out, homies.



if we're friends on facebook, you probably know that i'm in slave lake for a bit. my dad is working to help rebuild the city, after it was ravaged by a wild fire, and then a flood. (read this article for details.)

anyways, slave lake has definitely been on the radar since may. i've heard so many things about the fires and the floods and i had this image in my mind of a broken city, sad people, a feeling of loss.

the houses to the right and the left of this lot were completely untouched by the fire.

trees - or what's left of them - along the highway.

remains of a quad.


a truck.

what's left of a gas station.

but now i'm realizing how terribly wrong i was. the residents of slave lake did not let the fire - or the flood - break them. they are growing. they are rebuilding. they still have hope. 

we went to church here yesterday. my family, heather, justin and their baby, kevin, sheena, their two kids, and mark joined the ranks of the branch. in total, there were 42 of us. it was fast and testimony meeting, as many of you know. and through the testimonies of the members of the branch, i realized that hope is not gone. tragedies to not define us.

slave lake is a beautiful city. the citizens are so faithful and brave. seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to come to slave lake.. do it. i plan on spending a lot of time up here, getting to know the city and the lake and the people. 

there is hope. there is always hope.

ps, sidenote.. i am loving instagr.am !!! :)