it was christmas! and i got super spoiled! and i love christmas and family and carter and carter and carter and christmas!

and now it's new year's eve! and i am so excited to spend it with family and carter and carter and carter. :)

hopefully i'll get some more pictures taken. i'm a slacker. nbd. but when i get back home to edmonton i'll post pictures of how spoiled i got for real. eeek.

HAPPY 2012!

i've decided to do some resolutions this year. and some of them involve carter, so hopefully he'll be okay with that too.. haha.

no diet coke during the week. it's killing me. ick.
read the book of mormon. because that's what we're studying in church this year.
get married in the temple. well on my way. :)
learn to cook. i don't want to starve or spend money unnecessarily anymore. although this one will be more of a big deal after february 18.
spend less time criticizing myself because of other people's accomplishments.
get a job. full time.
enjoy the remaining time i have being 'single' (not married) [47 dayyyys!!!] and enjoy MORE the benefits of being a wife.

i think these aren't too tough, right?
i'm going to get a chalkboard at my house (i love chalkboards!) and write all of these on them and put them in the kitchen so i see them every day.



my love came home early. i'm elated. ahhhhhhhhhhh.



My love is coming home in THREE days. I can't wait to see his face! I feel like I haven't seen him forever!  Eeeeeek! And then it's CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas!



let the gift giving, piano playing, junk food eating, sugar bowl watching, family loving, snow playing, wedding planning, friend seeing, bridal showering, craft show shopping, no more studying season begin!!

about time for a christmas wish list, ya?

numero uno. i wish for a new pair of moccasin slippers. mine are great, but old. i want these ones.
numbah two. bench pants. i'm supes jealous of my friend cylie. she's beautiful and wears beautiful clothing.
number tres. silver jeans. that make me look like i have a butt. that'd be superb.
fourfourfour. a super cute iphone case. like this one here.
schfive. hair extensions. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
numero six. a kitty. (and permission from my landlord to have a kitty.)
luckynumbersleven. a lifetime supply of diet coke. i'll be good, i promise.
[may as well go to 10, right?]
#8. itunes gift cards. always.
nine. a vacuum. am i getting old or what?
dios. - i think that means 10 - my wedding invites addressed.

ps. i get married in 64 days.
pps. christmas is in 10 days.
ppps. i never wanna go back to school. ever. until january 9.
pppps. viktoria sulz is amazing and i love her. :)





* - this semester. includes tests, quizzes, exams, and take home quizzes.
** -  before i get to go home and celebrate christmas &  semester break & eat snickerdoodles & have a bridal shower!!! eeeeeek!!!



So many missionaries!

Yet another of my best friends has been set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And I am bursting with pride! Elder Adrian Jones is joining the ranks. Read his blog. He's such a kindred spirit. :) Also, Elder Ethan Palmer is doing a great job in the Phils thus far. And Elder David Paxman (no blog. What a brat.) will be home in a matter of mere months! How incredible! I have been so blessed to have such amazing guy friends to look up to. I love all 3 of these guys (& Marshall & Dahlin, of course and naturally. Plus, we're not even talking about Carter right now..) and I wish that all of them could be here for my wedding; alas, they will be where they're supposed to be. They'll be here in spirit!

I only have 4 exams left! Woo hoo!


no internet. :(

dang, i miss blogging.

well, i just moved. and my house currently has no internet. which means no blogging. because the only times i have internet are at school, where blogging is frowned upon, and when i babysit, which is when i use the internet to study. booo. but i'll spend christmas break catching up!!

[ps. 73 days till i get married to my best friend!]
[[pps. 7 days of school left.....]]