all you need is love.

"What do you wanna marry me for, anyhow?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want!"

 “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

 "You are what I never knew I always wanted."

"Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide, but I'll love you until the end of time."

If you were wondering, I am loving being in love right now. So many of my high school friends have gotten engaged in the last couple weeks, it's absolutely insane. And now that I'm in YSA again, everyone is so twitterpated! I feel so fortunate to have already found someone who loves me for who I am, and who I love with my whole heart. Ahh. I heart Carter Mitchell Peterson. :)


i'm back!

yep, that's right, blog followers! i'm back! i bought myself a computer (not a mac, but whaddya do?) and i have wifi at my house, and i'm a univeristy student and YIPEE! life is freaking fantastic. :) i'll blog more soon!


I want to blog. I miss blogging. But I have no computer, and blogging on my phone blows chunks. So much has happened since my last blog post.. Ahhhh. Sometime I will blog.


Goodbye, Raymond.

Goodbye, bridge jumping. 
Goodbye, crazy freezing football fans. 
Goodbye, longboarding at 2am is acceptable. 
Goodbye, show choir. 
Goodbye, having my own bathroom and bedroom.
Goodbye, homemade meals. 
Goodbye, puppies. 
Goodbye, brothers. 
Goodbye, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. 
Goodbye, dad. 
Goodbye, mom. 

Goodbye, lazy, carefree days of adolescence. 



19 things I've done in 19 years. 

1. I've become a world traveler! Once to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and twice to Hawaii!
2. I graduated High School. 
3. I was diagnosed with a life changing disease - but I haven't let it change my life. 
4. I was baptized a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I make an effort to remind myself of that 3 times a day. 
5. I have made - and lost - some amazing friends. Every one of them impacted me in one huge way or another. 
6. I ate head cheese. And puked it right back up. 
7. I've almost drowned. (x2)
8. I've been kissed under the fireworks. 
9. I've stayed awake all night, all day, and all night. Consecutively. 
10. I've fallen in love. For real love. Not just teenage love. 
11. I got lost on Calgary Transit once. It was horrifying. 
12. I drove 9.5 hours - by myself - just to camp with my family for 3 days (but I ended up staying for 12 days!).
13. I was stranded in Europe with nothing but the clothes on my back and a fistful of Euros for five days. 
14. I've successfully executed multiple huge surprise birthday parties. But I've haven't had a birthday party since I was 13. 
15. I've been accepted to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and I've been granted students loan!
16. I'm moving out of my parents basement on Saturday! I think that counts, cause it's kind of a big deal. 
17. I sent my best friend on a mission. He gets home in 7.5 months. YES!
18. I decided I'm beautiful. And no one can tell me otherwise. I don't always look it, but I always feel it. 
19. I've discovered who I am, what I'm supposed to do, and where I'm supposed to be. 

My birthday was pleasant. No cakes with candles, and no gifts with pretty paper, but I got to spend the whole day with my mom. I spent a couple hours with some old friends, and I heard a funny story that had me crying with laughter. I guess that people are right - the older you get, the less special your birthday becomes.   

Goals for the next year?
Graduate university with good grades. 
Get a good job using my studies. 
Make a new, really good friend. 

Any other suggestions for goals? :)

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday happy!

And thanks to Brissa for the tweet! :) :) :)


so. many. things. going. on.

my life is so hectic and crazy and insane right now!!

i'm moving to edmonton on saturday! a whole week earlier than anticipated.

carter moved to slave lake. bummer. but it's closer to edmonton than raymond is!

i'm getting my student loans asap. yay!

my family - no offense to those of my family reading this blog post - is driving me crazy. cousins, aunts, brothers.. i'm going nuts. there is so much drama and fighting and back biting and blah blah blah. i don't want to know about your problems. no one really does. ANNOYING. okay sorry i'm done.

also, lastly but not leastly, i'm turning 19 tomorrow. excited? naw. it's not even a big deal. as far as i know, i'm not getting any presents. i don't get a cake. carter won't be here. it'll just be me and mom. and i have an ortho appointment. so bummer there too. annnd i also have to pack my guts out. :( we'll see.

but i don't have a computer and internet so blogging will be scarce. we shall see.

peace out, homies.



if we're friends on facebook, you probably know that i'm in slave lake for a bit. my dad is working to help rebuild the city, after it was ravaged by a wild fire, and then a flood. (read this article for details.)

anyways, slave lake has definitely been on the radar since may. i've heard so many things about the fires and the floods and i had this image in my mind of a broken city, sad people, a feeling of loss.

the houses to the right and the left of this lot were completely untouched by the fire.

trees - or what's left of them - along the highway.

remains of a quad.


a truck.

what's left of a gas station.

but now i'm realizing how terribly wrong i was. the residents of slave lake did not let the fire - or the flood - break them. they are growing. they are rebuilding. they still have hope. 

we went to church here yesterday. my family, heather, justin and their baby, kevin, sheena, their two kids, and mark joined the ranks of the branch. in total, there were 42 of us. it was fast and testimony meeting, as many of you know. and through the testimonies of the members of the branch, i realized that hope is not gone. tragedies to not define us.

slave lake is a beautiful city. the citizens are so faithful and brave. seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to come to slave lake.. do it. i plan on spending a lot of time up here, getting to know the city and the lake and the people. 

there is hope. there is always hope.

ps, sidenote.. i am loving instagr.am !!! :)


whadda day.

i got fired today.

yep. me. perfect worker. fired.

oh well. they sucked anyway.

then i bought an iphone4. expensive much? totally worth it. text me your name! my number is.....


and now i'm not ready for bed yet. but i should be, cause i'm leaving for slave lake to see my family at 6 or 7 in the morning. :( sick. but i'm doing it. have a great weekend! i'll be back... sometime.


it's a dare!!!

okay. i dare you to go to www.stumbleupon.com and NOT spend an unnecessary amount of time on it.

in the meantime, enjoy these little treasures i found.

alcohol poisoning!
jk. if you wanna have a great time, do this with a 2L of a pop of your choice.
it's just a good.


check it.

we got some sweet sunburns.

aren't we gorgeous?

this is exactly what it looks like.
unless you don't know what you're looking at.
he was pretending to drop me. so i was pretending to scream. ha ha ha.


it was a fabulous heritage monday. thanks for asking.

ps. the answers to the questions in the previous post?
- park lake.
- egg salad.
- swimsuits.
- neither. we played with a boomerang.
- neither. we drank kool-aid and ate peas.

either or.

egg salad sandwiches?



hiking shoes?



ice cream?


happy heritage monday! :)