Today was a stellar day. And there are hours left!! :)
Me and Breanne had a sleepover.. Again.. And it was superb. :) Haha. Except that the stupid dogs woke us up. So then she went and crawled in my bed and I got up and did some work.
Then I went to Lethbridge with my mommy and got myself an iPhone! This is the best grad gift I could have ever asked for. Like really. Ever. I'm obsessed with it. How I ever did without it is beyond me.
Beyond is such a weird word.
Did I mention that I cleaned my room, too? 'Cause I did! I love having a clean room, but I hate actually cleaning it..
Okay, so then I get home from Lethbridge with my iPhone - Hurray!! - and Val calls me. I've never mentioned Val before.. But she's my new employer!! Yes! I got a job! And it's gonna be a good one, I know it! I'm going to be her nanny to her 2 year old - Taylor Rain - and her 5 year old - Madison May. I don't start until August.. But this means I can stop looking for a job!!
Now I'm gonna go play with my favorite boy ever, Mr. Carter. :)
Ps. Happy Canada Day, tomorrow!!
I can't wait for.. Everything!! Life is way too good.


A Whole New World..

Nicole's back.. This time, I'm coming to you as a high school graduate! Yep, I did it! I finished high school! Thinking back on the years, it seemed like it would never happen. And now it has! I am yet to decide if it's a good thing or not. I guess that depends on whether or not I get a job and a new car and if I move out and if my parents kick me out and if I like YSA and.. Lots of things! But, I am excited to not have to have homework or deal with tests and teachers until I decide to go to university! However, that is a whole new world to me (as the title of this post might imply).
Sidenote - I think I might need to move out before I kill my brothers!!!
Anyways, I'm off to download new music and live my life as a graduate!


Watch Out!!

Come one, come all!!
This show is incredible!!
I just love all these boys!!
So here is my little introduction to the boys and their show.
Thursday - June 17
Friday - June 18
and Saturday - June 19
Talk to any of these boys, Carol Dahl, or Carole Court for details!!

Dahlin Law. What a hottie! :) 
Lowell Steed. Little guy, big voice.
Paul McMullin. I like to think of him as the lighthouse. 'Cause he's so tall, and so shiny!
Jeff Kiss. Comic relief. Always.
Marshall Leishman. A star! With a busted wrist!
Ethan Palmer. H-I-larious!
Max Erickson. The cute one.
Adrian Jones. The local heart throb.
Mike Freeze. The tiny leader.
Colin Jensen. The Irish one?
Samuel Hornberger. The gorgeous guitarist.
Seriously, if you miss this show, you're missing out on a great evening!! :) :) :) I can't wait to go two whole times!!


Happy Birthday?

:) I just wanted to wish Carter Peterson a happy birthday! :) Again!


8 days.

Today, I got to lay in the sun for like 25 minutes. And it was AMAZING. :) :) Nothing makes me happier than the sunshine!
I also got to read Eclipse. :) Haha. Call me a loser, but I still love all 4 of those Twilight books.
I love shopping with my mommy too. I got SO many new things!! I can't wait for it to warm up so I can actually wear them!!
I also love Swing Life Away by Rise Against. And Smile by Uncle Kracker. And Hey, Soul Sister by Train. All these new songs! Oh! And You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews. You could say I had a very relaxed week with all these songs.
But now, on to the topic of this blog. 8 days. 8 days till what? 8 days of what? 8 days? Okay, since you're reading this you can see at the top left hand side that I am counting down to graduation. But it's not in 8 days. 8 days is the number of days I have left of high school, not including exams because those aren't classes. I have 8 full days of high school left. Yay? Nay? Maybe? I haven't quite decided yet! I'll let you know in a few days. Haha!



I can't believe how quickly this spring has passed!! It seems absolutely insane to me!!
So here we go. June. Diplomas. Seminary graduation. YW graduation. High school graduation! MENTAL! I totally thought January was the most hellish month of my life.. And I think I might have been wrong. We have started review in Bio, Math, and Social.. And I'm going crazy. There is so much to remember and I can't remember any of it!! Like in math today.. Yeah, me and Kimber both felt like we got kicked in the face. What the fricking h is a z-score and how am I supposed to know how to graph it?! And in bio? What is a sensory neuron and how do you know where the post-synapse is? Social isn't too bad, actually.. Just a lot of remembering case studies and being able to apply them to different sources. 
Not to mention.. BIRTHDAYS! There are so many birthdays in June! Tomorrow is my Mom's 45th.. Er.. 29th birthday.. :) Then Friday is Myriam and Roxanne's 17th birthday.. And next Friday is Carter's birthday! Now I'm not gonna lie.. 17 is like the lamest birthday ever, because 16 and 18 are both a big deal.. But 17 is nothing. So I'm not even excited for the twin's birthday. Haha. But I'm SO excited for Carter's birthday! Because we weren't friends last year during his birthday! So me and Nathan are gonna do something awesome for him. :P I hope he doesn't read this 'cause he'll go all "Naw, don't do anything for it!" on my butt. TOO BAD!
Sidenote.. I love Jessica and Attena and America's Next Top Model and Carter and Kimber!!