catching up..

i haven't posted any decent photos for awhile.


ich bin fabelhaft.

remember how i mentioned that sunburn?
this is just a better picture.

i got my butt handed to me on a silver platter.
beans(aka christine, aka brad) kicked my trash hard.
it rained.
he got kicked playing soccer on his birthday.

happy birthday to him?

just some driving.

are cameras considered a driving hazard?
we were parked.
but not THAT kind of parked..
we just hadn't started driving home from the
work bbq yet.
i promise.
pretty self explanatory.
i think he really appreciated this picture with his weekly email.


ps. new blog design? yes or no?

Hello, sun.

It's the first day of summer.

ask for source.

I think I'll go hit a ball with a racket, then jump off a bridge and relish in the fact that I don't have to shower, cause obvs the canal water is plenty sanitized!

ask for source.

**Note to self - remember mosquito repellant!  'Cause West nile = crap.



We like to pretend we're athletic.

We're posers.

We love to dance.

We're strong believers in some rest and relaxation.

This is my dad. 
His name is Dale.
Scary looking, isn't he?
But he's not.
At all.

He is the strongest, kindest, nicest, sweetest, hardest working man I've ever met in my whole life.
He is also one of the most frustrating people to have a conversation with.
He is my daddy.
And as long as he wants me to be, I will always be his 4 year old.

Even though he can't be here today - he's up working in Slave Lake - it's still his day.
And I hope he is having a great day.

primary :)

i am loving primary these days. if you ask me, i have the best calling in the ward. because i get to just sit and listen to the children learn, sing, and teach. today was definitely my favorite sunday in a long time.

every week, the primary president asks us to hold up our hands if we've read the scriptures that week. then, she counts the hands and puts (x) pennies in a jar. those pennies go towards the purchase of Book of Mormons for the missionaries. since we've raised enough money for 2 BoMs, today they asked the kids for tidbits of their testimonies to write in the front cover of the books. oh, how sweet are little children.

in junior primary, it was a lot of: "i'm thankful for my dogs." "i love my parents." "i like my brother, even though he is mean to me all the time." "i know the church is true." "i share my toys." and, my personal favorite, "Jesus made crackers so i can eat them." it's so incredible to me that these children are so confident in the gospel, that even the simplest of treats - a cracker - was given to them by the Lord.

in senior primary, it was more of: "Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father in the sky." "the Book of Mormon is true." "i'm grateful for my friends and family." "i love coming to primary and learning about Jesus." and, of course, a favorite.. "i am so thankful for the temples so i can live with my family - and my husband and my kids and my dogs - for eternity."

then, to top it all off.. we sang my #1 ultimate favorite primary song of ever. "I Love To See The Temple." every single child knew all the words to that song. even the little sunbeams!

I love to see the temple.
I'm going there someday
To feel the 
Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray. 
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young;
This is my sacred duty. 
I love to see the temple.
I'll go inside someday.
I'll cov'nant with my Father;
I'll promise to obey.
For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a 
child of God,
I've learned this truth;
A fam'ly is forever.

oh yeah, then i got to listen to boyfriend give a talk on the role of fathers in the home and how he is excited to raise a bunch of little carter juniors... and i fell in love with him all over again.

the church is so incredible. in no other religion will you go to a meeting to find 12-17 year old boys blessing and passing the emblems of the Lord. in no other religion would you see young couples teaching the gospel to the congregation instead of an old(er) man pounding the pulpit. in no other religion are 8 year old kids baptized - BY CHOICE. in no other religion do you find 19 year old guys giving up two prime years of their lives to go to foreign - or not so foreign - countries for the purpose of saving other people's salvation.

i love the gospel. i am so grateful that i was born and raised in the true church. i am so glad i am able to go to church every sunday and take the sacrament. and i can't wait to be married for time and all eternity in one of the above temples.


justin bieber.

“It was like, Usher and Timberlake want to meet me? Are you kidding? 
There was no point in trying to tell anyone at school about this. It would be like telling them I was going to meet CHUCK NORRIS, and we all know that guy is untouchable. I mean, c’mon. It’s CHUCK NORRIS. He doesn’t need Twitter, he’s already following you.” - The Biebs

“It was like I opened my eyes one day and noticed that the world was full of beautiful girls. And I’ve had a hard time hard time thinking about anything else since then.” - The Biebs
Watch this!
And this!

"If I can do just one-tenth of the good Michael Jackson did for others, I can really make a difference in this world."

What a kid. I legit love him.


better believe it.

ask for source


weird, right?

okay... so last night i you gotta see this for yourself.

this is real life. at sometime during the 8 hours of sleep i got.. i seem to have semi woken up, switched my whole bed around.. the demon sun came up and ruined my life.. and.. yeah..



yes! it is boyfriend's birthday today! finally!
look! i wrote a post about him last year on his birthday too!
mind you, that was when i was just a major creep and had a massive crush on him.
but secretly, he had a crush on me too.
but anyways.
we got over that.
and now..
well, we've been dating for
three hundred
and forty eight
days. nbd.

ps - check out this picture,
and try to tell me you wouldn't want to be dating him too.

pps - starting today..
me and boyfriend are the same age.
excellent, right?

sewww yeah.  :)
i'm gonna take him breaky in the morning..
then go watch him play soccer..
[he is a fantabulous smexy goalie]
and then we're going to eat lunch with his grandparents..
and then we're going to watch more soccer..
and hopefully get a sunburn - or 2
and thenn...

happy birthday, babe! :)


i have fever.

I was just walking with boyfriend, and suddenly I had PRAY stuck in my head. 
So here I am. 
Listening to "PRAY".
And I'm loving it.


so this is love;
mm mm mmmmmm;
so this is love;
so this is what makes life divine.
i'm all aglow;
mm mm mmm;
and now i know-
the key to all heaven
is mine.


oh myy.

Kari. Thank you for this song. I've listened to it 8+ times.. Since I read your blog about 20 minutes ago.. Haha! :)

Last night was sweet. A bunch of friends that I've been missing [Sydnee, Dustin, Maddie, Adrian, Ethan, Kelsey(Beans), Dahlin, Christine(also known as 'Beans', 'Brad', or 'Chris'), Dillon.. And, of course, me and Carter] went and had a great time. We ate at Moxie's, then went bowling. Then everyone else went to Chris' to eat ice cream sandwiches and mix Diet Coke & Mentos. Buuut I had to take my mama up to the hospital. :(

Back to bowling. I suck. Trash. It was so embarassing. Seriously. I scored 63. Chris had 174. Booooo. Hahahah. I'll have to practice up.




oh, hey blog world.

it's just nicole, coming at you with another story of my family being amazing.

my car is a pain in my butt.

don't get me wrong. i love it. i love independence and being able to go where i want when i want.

but i HATE the upkeep.

i hate filling it up with gas.

and starting right now...

i hate flat tires.

i just had my first one ever. and of course, it was when i was in a huge rush to get to lethbridge to put my knife orders in.

luckily for me, curtis and grampa and jen and dianne love me, so they saved me from eternal torment.

curtis and grampa changed my tire while jen and dianne drove me into lethbridge.

however, now i need 2 new tires.




don't be hatin.

i might have been a bit naive today.

i assumed that since it was only 23º, it'd be great suntanning weather. TANNING.

but i forgot that the UV index was 7+/high. 

this is a result of sleeping for legit like 45 minutes.

but then we went to st. mary's reservoir. and i wore the same thing.

uh oh.

oh well, i love it. :)


summer is here.

i have proof.

exhibit a - carter and i spent 34 consecutive hours together. all nighter? i love that.

exhibit b - carter and i did 3 hours of yard work today. in the sun. 26º of sun to be precise.

exhibit c - carter and i spent 2 hours on the trampoline. from 10 until 12. and we weren't even cold. score!

exhibit d - we had a bbq. just the two of us. jealous? you should be. he is a dang good grill master.

my feet are stained green from mowing the grass.

my eyes are drooping from the lack of sleep.

my legs are shaved.

my hair is as up as it's gonna get.

this is the first time i've been on the computer all day.

summer is here. and it's in full force.




i was feeling daring today...

love it?

hate it?

i'm deciding...


oh, what a day it is.

it's friday, if you were wondering.

friday = good. in all worlds.

it's also my mom's birthday.

now, once upon a time, i saw that kylee did this.

and i thought it was super cute.

so, allow me.


i wanna talk about ME.


uno - i am the youngest granddaughter on the martin side of the family, but the second oldest grandchild on the atwood side of the family. conflict of interest? my mom is the oldest in her family, and my dad is the baby of his.

two - i hate things. i hate tomatoes, mushrooms, clowns, popping balloons (although, i am proud to say, i have overcome my fear of popping balloons. but i still don't like doing it), earbuds, blackberries, windows computers, black licorice, people who can't manage money, haunted houses, and creepy people [read-late at night, when you're walking down the street, and you see someone - probably a creepy person - far off, walking the opposite way of you. you purposely turn around, or pretend to call someone on your cell phone, or actually call someone on your cell phone, all to avoid either A-the temptation for them to call out to you, or chase you, or follow you or B-the temptation for you to scream.]

3 - i love strawberries.

iv - i also love sunshine. vitamin D is the most important!.

fife - my guilty pleasures include, but are not limited to: justin bieber, hannah montana, angry birds, looking at old pictures of carter [what a hottie-mc-hotpants. if he was a president he'd be 'babe'raham lincoln!], watching the harry potter and twilight series(es?), netflix, and blogging.

sixxxx - time management is NOT my strong suit.

scheven - me and carter [aka, best boyfriend ever] love criminal minds. we watch it every day. at least one episode. nerds? it's possible. we also know how to catch a serial killer. on the other hand, we also know how to be expert serial killers.

ate - i wish i was a dancer.

9 - i don't mind dairy products as much as i used to. i used to despise cheese, hate milk, destroy yogurt.. but now! i sometimes put cheese on my subway sandwiches.. once in a while i take a swig of milk.. and nielson's fruit yogurt is a great breakfast companion. but only nielson's.

dios - i love febreeze. maybe sometimes i even wear it as perfume?... hahaha. i'm so sick.

oneone - i'm not drinking pop. cause i'm gonna die if i drink too much.

xii - one dayyyyy i wanna be on AGT. but i haven't decided if i wanna be a joke or for serious. suggestions? comment below.

firteen - i loooooove pick up lines. the cheesier the better. that is all.

do you believe in magic?

oh my!!

it's june 1!!


uh huh.

this morning, i discovered that alarms clock sound ridiculous when you're already awake.

i also discovered that 15 minutes of extra sleep is better than waking up right on time.

[ps. a hearty congratulations to my darling cousin heather {and her husband, justin} for their newest addition - Barker Moxley - who was born yesterday, weighing in at 7.14. i can't wait to meet him!!!]