let the gift giving, piano playing, junk food eating, sugar bowl watching, family loving, snow playing, wedding planning, friend seeing, bridal showering, craft show shopping, no more studying season begin!!

about time for a christmas wish list, ya?

numero uno. i wish for a new pair of moccasin slippers. mine are great, but old. i want these ones.
numbah two. bench pants. i'm supes jealous of my friend cylie. she's beautiful and wears beautiful clothing.
number tres. silver jeans. that make me look like i have a butt. that'd be superb.
fourfourfour. a super cute iphone case. like this one here.
schfive. hair extensions. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
numero six. a kitty. (and permission from my landlord to have a kitty.)
luckynumbersleven. a lifetime supply of diet coke. i'll be good, i promise.
[may as well go to 10, right?]
#8. itunes gift cards. always.
nine. a vacuum. am i getting old or what?
dios. - i think that means 10 - my wedding invites addressed.

ps. i get married in 64 days.
pps. christmas is in 10 days.
ppps. i never wanna go back to school. ever. until january 9.
pppps. viktoria sulz is amazing and i love her. :)

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