so. many. things. going. on.

my life is so hectic and crazy and insane right now!!

i'm moving to edmonton on saturday! a whole week earlier than anticipated.

carter moved to slave lake. bummer. but it's closer to edmonton than raymond is!

i'm getting my student loans asap. yay!

my family - no offense to those of my family reading this blog post - is driving me crazy. cousins, aunts, brothers.. i'm going nuts. there is so much drama and fighting and back biting and blah blah blah. i don't want to know about your problems. no one really does. ANNOYING. okay sorry i'm done.

also, lastly but not leastly, i'm turning 19 tomorrow. excited? naw. it's not even a big deal. as far as i know, i'm not getting any presents. i don't get a cake. carter won't be here. it'll just be me and mom. and i have an ortho appointment. so bummer there too. annnd i also have to pack my guts out. :( we'll see.

but i don't have a computer and internet so blogging will be scarce. we shall see.

peace out, homies.

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  1. what? no laptop for your bday? I'm shocked!! I'm going to miss you friend. I hope you come home for the show choir shows. I can't wait to hear about your schooling though because I'm still interested in it. I love ya tons and tons....and don't you forget it, or me. ;D