we made it.

what an utterly chaotic weekend.

remember this?

it was his farewell this weekend. the last time i'll see ethan craig palmer for two years. twenty four months. THIS IS MADNESS. i'm kind of sad. but a good kind of sad.

i already miss him.

so basically. we drove down on friday, got lost in red deer looking for erica's house, arrived in raymond around 9:30, met up with friends, partied till the break of dawn, woke up and went to a pee wee football game in the oh-so-windy city of lethbridge, went to the mall, i finally got my bobble!, went home, i hung out with ethan and crew, carter went to stirling, we met back up to watch a movie at 10, stayed up WAY too late again, went to the farewell at 9 this morning, hung out with carter's family, hung out with ethan's family, hung out with my family, picked up erica, left at 2:30. we got to red deer at 7. and his car broke down. YAY. so then we had to wait for erica's cousins to come pick us up and help us fix it. we finally left red deer at 9, got to edmonton at 1030, and now carter is somewhere between here and slave lake.


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