oh yeah.

my mom is leaving tomorrow. :(

check it.

look at this genius photo kylee posted. :)



i'm selfish. i eat way too much junk food. i don't take care of my diabetes like i should. i spend my money too fast. i don't always pay my tithing first thing. i waste way too much time on the computer. i hate my job. i think i sing really well. i don't. i don't take much pride in how i look. i wish my teeth were whiter. i wish i wore smaller jeans. i wish i had a butt. i wish my boobs were smaller. i'm a very jealous person. i am not only in the world, but of it. i litter. i speed. i like bubble baths. a lot. i have a short temper. i don't always wash my hands before i come out of the bathroom. i'm usually really unprepared for basically everything. i expect other people to do a lot of things for me. i don't express my thanks often enough. i have a hard time saying "i love you" to the people who deserve it the most. i have mean thoughts. people do things just to make me mad. that makes me even madder. i want things that i can't have. i have unrealistic dreams. i get addicted to tv shows like jersey shore and teen mom. 

but what do you want from me? 

i'm only human.


celebrate good times, c'mon!

my mom is home!!


and she brought me some goodies!!


first, a supes cute dress from ross.


annd, some great smelling stuff from bath and body works.


and some whatchamacallits!


and some leggings from f21!



last, but certainly not least..

these babies.

right here.

see em?


but yes. my mom is home. for a whole week! :) :) :) :)

[ps. i'm now taking applications for a temporary mother figure while mine is out of town. qualifications? must be a great cook. must be willing to give me money at any time. must be willing to buy me presents all the time. must go to movies with me that carter refuses to see. must be willing to answer the phone 24/7 to talk to me. must keep the house clean. must be willing to do my laundry if, and when, i ask. anything else is considered a bonus. please leave comments below, expressing why you think you'd be a great mother figure for me. thanks.]


it's been rough.

so, i know a bunch of my posts in the last week or so have been pretty sad. but i've been pretty sad!

last night, i was super super sad. like so sad that i was awake until 2 in the morning legitimately bawling my eyes out. carter was trying his best to comfort me - he's the best - and i had talked to my mom for over half an hour on the phone.. but it's not the same. i wanted my family home. and i wanted it now. finally, it was like a brick hit me.

i needed to pray. i needed the ultimate comforter to be there with me. so that's what i did. i went and sat in my room and prayed that i would be comforted and not so lonely. then it came to me. a scripture i had had on my mirror for a long time, but forgotten about.

"i will not leave you comfortless; i will come to you." - john 14:18.

i went back to carter and i was fine. he was kind of surprised to see how well i had recovered, but i told him not to worry about it. so he went home, i went to sleep, and everything has been fine since then.

i'm so grateful for a heavenly father who understands our wants and our needs, and is willing to help us at any time.

now, family.. please come home.


hummingbird heartbeat

i've had a crazy trash weekend.

first, adrian totes got his mission call!
second, it was thunder in the valley! supes awesome.
me and boyfriend drove up saturday morning/afternoon and hung out with my famdamily at the downtown fair/show&shine all day.
then we went and sat in the field at six thirty.
wanna know what time the fireworks start at?
yup. we were there for 4.5 hours. just sitting.
maybe we took some pictures?

anddd we got rained on.
no. rained is an understatement.
we got POURED on.
the clouds opened up and blessed the farmers.
some more.
damn farmers.
but we stuck it out, and saw some great fireworks.

also, we were supposed to go to the mountains after the show and camp out with my grandparents.
but because of the rain, they left early to go to bed.
so we opted out of camping and decided to drive home.

bad idea.

but such a good one.
you see, if we had ended up driving to the mountains, we would have got half way there and then had a bad car incident.

if you've never been to thunder in the valley, you can't possibly understand the traffic.
basically what happened was, in the hustle and bustle (not! it was a stand still!) of blairmore, of people trying to drive out onto the highway, my car overheated.

we're not just talking that the temperature gauge got to the H.
but when we shut the car off...
we could hear it boiling and bubbling.

talk about stress!!

luckily, aunt dianne was there to come rescue us. again.
i swear, she always always always comes to my aid.
such a great lady.

we finally got home at 3:14 on the dot. but we were too wired up on energy drinks to sleep. so we popped in a movie, and cuddled up for a long night.

[secretly, i ended up falling asleep and carter woke me up at 11:52. i dunno if he slept at all!]

we decided that, instead of being good little mormon kids (oops) and going to church
we would go on a date.
so we drove to lethbridge, ate at denny's 

(so good!!),
and went to

and it was amazing.

i, like every other hardcore potter fan, shed a few tears.
but even carter - who has himself admitted that he has never read the books, and never really got into the movies - said it was "so freaking good! can we go to it again?"

but i, unlike every other hardcore potter fan, disagree when they say

because these movies, like so many before, are so incredible that the hogwarts love spell will never end.
the end is near for our generation..
but i, for one, plan on reading the books to my children (or letting them read on their own), one at a time, and showing them the movies, one at a time. same as it was for us.
we will dress up and have harry potter parties.
there will always be harry potter halloween costumes.


this occurred to me at the end of the movie, when they showed *** and *********, ***** and *****, *****, and their ******* in the ******
*edited as to not ruin the end of the movie for those of you wieners who have never read the books, and have yet to see the movie. but when you see it, this is my favorite part!!
and it's not over! they are passing on the magic of hogwarts! just like i will, and i'm sure many of you will! 

anyways, that was my weekend.
how was yours?


missions and suits and ties - oh my!

another one of my best friends has received his mission call!!!!!

Adrian Glenn Jones
has been called to serve as a missionary
in the
South Africa Cape Town Mission
He will report to the
South Africa Mission Training Center
December 15, 2011.

How terribly exciting!!!! :)


absolutely lonely.

i hate being home alone.

i absolutely hate it.

sure, i love having the house to myself, and being able to watch whatever i want on tv, and not having to worry about using up all the hot water or playing my music too loud.

but i hate being scared at night.

i hate having to make my own meals.

i hate when carter is having dinner with his family and i'm.. not.

i hate how quiet it is.

i don't do "lonely" very well. it eats me up. it freaks me out. 




looks like i'm spending the remainder of summer home alone.

see, my dad is up in slave lake working to rebuild the city.

and my 3 oldest brothers are with him.

my mom left for utah today.

and took the youngest brother with her.

ma & j will be back in 2 weeks, but they'll only be home for a couple days before heading up to slave lake.

me? i'll be home. all summer. until i move. :(



Kiss Me too fiercely
Hold me too tight
I need help believing
You're with me tonight
My wildest dreamings
Could not forsee
Lying beside you
With you wanting me

And just for this moment
As long as you're mine
I've lost all resistance
And crossed some border line
And if it turns out
It's over too fast
I'll make every last moment last
As long as you're mine

Maybe I'm brainless
Maybe I'm wise
But you've got me seeing
Through different eyes
Somehow I've fallen
Under your spell
And somehow I'm feeling
It's up that I fell

Every moment
As long as you're mine
I'll wake up my body
And make up for lost time

Say there's no future
For us as a pair

And though I may know
I don't care
Just for this moment
As long as you're mine
Come be how you want to
And see how bright we shine
Borrow the moonlight
Until it is through
And know I'll be here holding you
As long as you're mine

What is it?(etc.)

It's just for the first time,
I feel ... wicked

*cue the sexy kiss*


So. Worth. It.


defy gravity.


I get to go see
with some of my favorite people.
but not limited to,
my mom!

Hopefully I'll remember to take a trashload of pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Have a great Tuesday!
I know I will!


purely not inspired.

a new post is not coming to me. i want it to. i want to make you laugh, or cry, or feel bad for me, or think i deserved whatever happened. but i've tried typing out the story quite a few times. it's just not coming. so i'll try again.


do you have friends that you've known forever, but you don't really know them? i mean, you know their names and their families, but you don't know their favorite food? or their biggest pet peeves?

i do.

it's these boys right in this picture here.

i started hanging out with adrian (center) in grade 8. he was best friends with marshall (right), so naturally, i hung out with him too. and then eventually ethan (left) came into the picture. so since i was 13, these 3 boys and i have been inseparable. we always had the same schedule in school - we might have planned it out that way - and we hung out every weekend. 

now, as teenage boys, they have their downfalls. they play far too many video games, think they're good at things they're not (*ahem*parkour*ahem*), eat weird food, tell stupid jokes, and pull stupider pranks.

and as their only female friend (not really, but their oldest female friend), i fall victim to these pranks 10 times out of 10.

this has been anything from writing on my car windows with a bar of soap, to egging my car, to putting rotten eggs in my car, to filling all my vents with confetti, to covering my car in shaving cream and condoms, to putting rotting old lazyboys on my car. and believe me, i do not take to these pranks kindly. you're probably laughing, thinking of all the great things you could do to people's cars with these kind of ideas. but i will assure you, they are not fun to be on the receiving end of. 

lessons i've learned?

1. if your car - or house - gets egged, do not wait to clean it off. if you wait, they will cook, and be 12 times harder to get off. to get them off, the easiest thing to do is one of the following.
               a) mr. clean magic eraser.
               b) subway degreaser. now, depending on your local subway, they might not be so willing to just give it to you. but it doesn't hurt to ask, and explain the situation.

2. the people who own carwashes do not appreciate if you leave the condoms from your car - unused, sickos! - on the floor of their garage. i suggest you pick them up, as nasty as it may be, and throw them out.

3. sometimes, the rotting lazyboys aren't really that rotting. in fact, i have one of those 'rotting' chairs downstairs in my bedroom!

4. there is nothing you can do if there is confetti in your vents. you can turn on the AC as high as it will go and see if you can get it to all blow out, or you can get a shopvac and try to suck it all out.. but it takes months to get ALL of it out.

now my story takes a random turn.

saturday was my first day of work. and i worked late. :( from 5pm until 12am. then i had to drive home. so i got to christine's house (party rockin' in the house tonighht!!) around 1230. we went downstairs so marshall, adrian, ethan, kelsey, and kaitlyn could leave, then me and carter and christine and keith hung out in the kitchen for a bit. when we left her house - at 1 - my car was covered in toothpaste and soap. it's easy enough to imagine that i was not impressed at all. at all. i was so tired and cranky from work, and i had church at 9 in the morning, but here was my car. covered in CRAP. i kind of snapped at carter, i texted some strongly worded messages to those 3 boys, and i drove home and cried. i cried because i was tired. i cried because i was upset. i cried because i thought the boys had grown up, and so i was disappointed. carter came over - what a great boyfriend - and just let me cry to him for a while, then he went home to bed. sunday morning i woke up and walked to church, because i was ashamed of what people would think of my sick car, and i did not have a very good attitude towards anything that i heard that day. when i got home from church, i had a looooooooooong bath, then tackled my car. 

lesson #5.

toothpaste does not easily come off windows. or windshield wipers. after about $11 and an hour at the carwash, the majority of it comes off though.

lesson #6.

if the boys bring you a brownie that they baked themselves, complete with heart shaped strawberries.. it's okay to forgive them and not be mad anymore. as long as they promise that they're not going to prank it again. ever. 



check this. :)

and check here for the recipe.

do it. they're so good.

and plus, follow kylee.

she's so cute. :)


i would love some cheesecake right about now.
i would also love some pink lemonade.
i want the wind to stop blowing.
i want blonde hair.
i want long hair.
i'm excited that my whole family is going to be home today and tomorrow.
i'm excited to start my new job today.

i can't wait until thunder in the valley.
i love fireworks.

ps. check out this picture. isn't it fabulous?



wanna know what i did?

i went camping.

but not really. i only went up for the day.

but it was awesome. i love my grandparents. 

they've been camping in the exact same spot since i was 2 years old. it's safe to say that i grew up in the mountains. 

it's about a 2 and a half hour drive up there. but so worth every painful minute.

i got ANOTHER sunburn. i fell in love with campfire smoke all over again. i realized that not having a cell phone isn't a bad thing. i came to find out that carter is the best boyfriend ever (cause he drove up all the way to the campsite after work. just to come pick me up). i ate way too many giant marshmallows. i forgot that there's a stereo in my car. i walked my dogs around a parking lot. i got home way too late, and fell straight asleep.

and i'm gonna go up again next weekend. :)

(ps - i got another job. yay!)



this just escalated my excitement for next weekend by about 50031 %. nbd.

new loves.

i have a couple mew passions.

first? - suntanning. i've spent the last 5 days LOVING the great summer weather. it's been like at least 28ยบ every day for the last week almost, i think. and the UV index is reading 'high'. amazing.

second? - bug spray. because we had so much rain in april and may and even in june, there is standing water everywhere! and guess where stupid mosquitos breed? yep, that's right. in standing water. luckily, the lame old town of raymond has sprayed for skeeters a few times, but not enough to kill the ones that are already living! ahhhh. so before i go outside tanning? i soak up the bug spray. yum. *note to self - do not lick your fingers or lips after applying bug spray. 

third? - motorcycles (refer back to this post). riskaay? naw. carter is a great motorcyclist. i love going for rides with him. legit, i don't do anything. just throw on some pants and a jacket, climb on behind him, and chillax. he's super careful. especially with me on the bike with him. his dad and earl taught him well. plus, it's something he loves. so it's something i need to love. and i do! (however, i would love this, this (goes along with this post), this, and these to go with the hobby.)

fourth? - being in love. i sometimes forget how lucky i am. i know so many girls that just chase their tails trying to find a boy to love like them. they're so willing to change their appearance, their attitudes, and their hobbies to suit the boys. i am so glad that i was able to find carter, who loves me because of who i am, what i look like, and what i do; not who i changed to be, what i could look like, and what i don't do. 

fifth? - twitter. 

sixth? - this music. follow the playlist. love it. [did the link work? lemme know.]



happy independence day to my american friends.

enjoy this.

i just thought i'd apologize for your lack of health care. yeah, that sucks.

also, your anthem is really really long. sorry about that too.

and i know you guys have 9.2 times more people than we do.. but we're over it. we live 3.8% longer!

sorry about all the protestants down there.

and looks like the USA is 91 years older than canada. just means you'll die sooner.

ps! i'm totally kidding. although i do love living in canada, i also love the united states of america. i love the shopping and the beaches and the people and i love utah and hawaii and california. i have nothing against the american anthem, or protestants. i know a lot of canadians that spend july 4th moaning and groaning about how much they hate americans and the states and blah blah blah. but me and carter were trying super hard to figure out a way to get to great falls tonight to celebrate with other us of a citizens. 

i hope you all had a great weekend with family, friends, sunshine, bbqs, swimming, camping, and fireworks!


apple products.

i need an iphone.

yes, it's true.. i have had an iphone in the past.. but it broke. and now i want a new one.

what phone am i currently using?

this ugly turd face. 

it's not even smart enough to be considered a smart phone.

so right now, i'm pining for an iphone.

and what better accessory for an iphone than an imac?

carter says i need a macbook pro. cause i'm pro.

plus, i need one for school.

do i have any voluntary sponsers ??


i done it.

i'm a tweeter.

follow me up? :)

mucho gracias.


oh my goodness!

i've missed www.blogger.com !!

in fact, i just spent the last 40 minutes reading posts that i've missed over the last 6 days.

see, my internet was down.

except for about 10 minutes, in which i was able to post a picture of me and carter beside a motorcycle!

we took that baby to grad.

and it was so sweet.

let's see.. what else have i been up to..

well, like i said.. grad. carter graduated!

YAY for boyfriend!

and i had matching hair with his sister..

and i made a new friend!

L-R : me, boyfriend, boyfriend's best friend (nathan), and new friend (shauna)

yesterday was CANADA DAY! :)

i love canada day.

basically, in my little town of raymond, canada day means a number of things.

1 - family reunions. 
2 - lame parades.
3 - loads of bbqs.
                 seriously, if you don't have a bbq, you have no friends.
4 - no rules. go ahead, ride your quad with no helmet. go jump off a bridge. no one cares.
5 - fireworks.
6 - sunburns.

pre sunburn.

post sunburn.
even boyfriend got sunburned!

that's about it.