yes! i did it! i wrote missionaries letters today! :) we sent david a package for his birthday, and we got letters from him earlier this week.. so it only makes sense that i would write him back.. but so soon? i think i'm also going to make him a christmas scrapbook.. and send it after christmas.. like take pictures of me, adrian, marshall, ethan, sydnee, carter, jessica, viktoria, kelsey, dino.. everyone.. and have everyone write him a little blurb.. then compile it, and send it! i think he'll like it. :) but then! in addition to writing david a 3 page letter.. i wrote mitchell baker - aka, my future husband.... - a letter! he gets home in march! crazzzzy! i can't even wait to see him!! <3


the jury's out.

Elevator buttons and morning air, 
Strangers silence makes me wanna take the stairs. 
If you were here we'd laugh about their vacant stares, 
But right now my time is theirs. 
Seems like there's always someone who disapproves. 
They'll judge it like they know about me and you 
And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do 
The jury's out, but my choice is you. 

You never know what people have up their sleeves, 
Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me. 
Lurking in the shadows with their lipgloss smiles, 
But I don't care. 
Cause right now you're mine. 

So don't you worry your pretty little mind, 
People throw rocks at things that shine 
and life makes love look hard. 
The stakes are high, the water's rough 
But this love is ours. 

hello, world.

how ya been?

i went to preference with ethan today. :) we're pretty much great friends. super awkward. i don't really know how people can stand to be around us.

i made some crazy plans with carter today. :) we have a busy couple months ahead..

i heard about jessica's life today. :) i love her. (lucky I had decided against 'no shave November' that afternoon and JUST shaved)

i figured out that carter and i have been dating for 152 days today. :) that's just about 5 months (tomorrow!)

yep. today was a good day.


things that i love. :)

true, or sarcastic? you decide.

1.i love late night phone calls that last about 2 hours.
last night Carter called me on his way home (about 9:40) and we were on the phone until 11:30! :)

2.i love being awake for 18 hours a day.
yesterday I realized that I wake up around 6, and don't go to sleep until midnight. usually.

3.i love playing in the snow.
we played in the snow yesterday. :) it was cold!

4.i love being diabetic.
my blood sugars suck.

5.i love when it's only -8ºC instead of -25ºC.
i think i can deal with the wind.

6.i love pajamas.
my jeans got all wet and frozen, so i stole some pjs from the bf!

7.i love show choir.
oh my goodness, how i love it.

8.i love automatic car starters.
i hope someone got paid billions and millions of dollars for this!

9.i love brilliant ideas.
ie, full serve gas stations, automatic car starters, laptops, cameras, blackberrys, iphones..

10.i love army men.
this is true. 150% true.


i've already used that title..

it's just another one of those days.

no matter what i do, it isn't good enough.
no matter how hard i try to do the right thing, i'm still doing something wrong.

it's really frustrating.


Formal dinners.

Okay! I am in dire need of some help! I'm going to the military Christmas dinner with Carter.. And I am completely clueless. I'm not refined or dignified or anything!! How am I supposed to behave?!?!?!?


Some People!! con't.

Remember my last post? Well, I had another experience like that today..

I took M and T to the mall to buy Carter his Christmas present (success!!), and a woman at a kiosk stopped me and looked at the girls and said, "Are you their.. Umm.. Big sister?" and I said "No, I'm their nanny." and she said "Phew, I was hoping you weren't their mother!"

What? Do you think I'd be an unfit mother? What if I was their mother? I'd probably be offended. Maybe I'm actually like 30 and I just happen to look 18! Jealous? [Sidenote.. In typing this - on my phone - I missed some letters in jealous, and it came up as krakow! Turns out that's an actual word??]

But no, I'm glad the woman asked instead of just judging me for being a teen mother lol.

Last night, me and Carter finally went to go see "The Town".. And there's one part where Ben Affleck (yummy!) is mocking some guy for being a G.I Joe and tucking his pants into his combat boots. I about split my pants laughing, because Carter had his big army boots on... With his pants tucked in!!!! Hahaha he's a treat.

Also, it's Friday... Dislike to infinity and beyond. Although I am getting my hair done tomorrow, going to a football game - GO COMETS!! - and to Harry Potter!!

And! There are only 36 days until Christmas!!!! :)


Some People!!

so today, i was at mcdonald's in walmart with M and T, and we were just minding our business, hanging out, eating some burgers, when i overheard a conversation.

guy 1 - ...yeah, high school was the worst 4 years of my life.
girl - where did you go to high school?
guy 1 - oh, over east. i'm from ontario.
[it's safe to gather that guy 1 and girl didn't know each other. guy 2 and girl did though.]
girl - oh, lucky! big schools, right? i went to a little tiny school. like 200 kids. worst experience ever.
guy 2 - i love my high school! green and gold, baby!
guy 1 - are you gay?
girl - [hahahahahaha]
guy 2 - no! i just love being a ram!
guy 1 - [rolls eyes] why did you hate high school?
girl - because it's so cliquey. if you don't belong in a clique you're an outcast. i didn't even fit in with the outcasts!
guy 1 - why's that?
girl - i was the goth/emo/freaky chick that no one liked.
guy 2 - you're still like that.
guy 1 - oh. my high school wasn't like that. but it was pretty preppy. i don't think there were any goth kids there at all. oh! except there was actually one.
girl - see? she was an outcast, huh?
guy 1 - [phone ringing]. hello? oh hey babe! oh. yeah. yeah. yeah. uh huh. okay. yeah. walmart. yep. no problem. alright. bye.
girl - who was that?
guy 1 - my girlfriend. she needs me to pick up diapers. ugh. fatherly duties, i guess. it's not even my kid!
girl - what?
guy 1 - well, i do have a kid. she's 4. my girlfriend has a 1 year old too.
girl - how old are you?
guy 1 - 21.
girl - that's crazy.
guy 1 - yeah i guess so. but check this girl out behind you! she's gotta be what? 18? and she has 2 kids. and that older one is probably 5!
girl - eww.. some people.
me - uh, excuse me. these actually aren't my kids.
guy 2 - suuuuure.
guy 1 - yeah, that's what they all say.
girl - [hahahaha]
me - madi, give your sister her food.
M - nicole. i did not steal her food.
guy 1 - [whispering] i bet she trained them to not call her mom, as to avoid any awkward confrontation.

some people these days!


say it ain't so..

i've recently been charged on several accounts. here is a listing of the charges.

- wearing carter's pajama pants. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- wearing carter's t-shirt. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- being a major creep. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- making delicious cookies. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having greasy hair. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- smelling like sausages. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- smelling like baby puke. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- smelling like old people. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- smelling like old people sausage puke. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- being amazing at flight control. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- knowing too much about carter. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having small ears. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having small hands. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having a small mouth. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having tiny legs. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having no butt. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- having furry legs. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]
- not eating enough vitamin C or calcium. [the jury finds the defendant guilty.]

i guess this means i'm guilty on all accounts.


Imma Nerd.

I love, love, love Harry Potter. I've been a huge fan since I saw the first movie - in theaters! - in 2001. I was like 9. I went to the library the next day and read the full series (at the time there were only 4 books) in a week. I read them over, and over, and over again until all the books were released. I've made it a point to see every movie in theater. And here it goes again! - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) comes out on FRIDAY!! :) I am so excited! Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out for Friday, but I'm buying tickets TOMORROW for a showing of it on Saturday night! :) I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make a point of curling my hair Friday night, and letting it go crazy frizzy on Saturday so I can resemble Hermione, and I'll probably make Ryan carry around a broken stick and pretend it's his wand (get it? Ron?). The point is.. I can't even wait!!
Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter 2

Harry Potter 3

Harry Potter 4

Harry Potter 5
Harry Potter 6

Harry Potter 7 [Part 1]
Harry Potter 7 [Part 2]

Yeah, I'm a hardcore Potter fan.. :)



once in a while

once in a while - it's okay to wake up early and shower [i even shaved my legs!!].
once in a while - it's okay to do laundry.
once in a while - it's okay to blog stalk. [ http://tandsdaybook.blogspot.com/ ]
once in a while - it's okay to order a ham sub, instead of steak or teriyaki.
once in a while - it's okay to remember the good ol' days.
once in a while - it's okay to ask boys who aren't your boyfriend on a date. [i'll put pictures up later!]
once in a while - it's okay to learn new things [i am so darn proud of myself!!]
once in a while - it's okay to cry.
once in a while - it's okay to break in to your boyfriend's house (using the key and the front door..) to steal his clothes.

Today I'm listening to :
and Harmonix [I'm trying to figure out how to upload a song..?]


awkward / awesome.

Sydney does this all the time. It's genius.

However, I don't really have very many awkward / awesome experiences to share. Here's a couple though.

AWKWARD - It's always awkward when Elizabeth (Carter's mom) tries kicking me out. ["Carter, you need to be getting to bed.", "Carter, it's bedtime.", "Carter, I want you in your pajamas with your teeth brushed and in bed in 10 minutes.", 20 minutes later - "Carter, go to bed."] For some reason she won't just say, "Nicole, you need to go." She just hints at it forever, and finally I feel awkward enough and just leave. Haha.

AWESOME - Making cookies for Carter, seeing Carter in his uniform, watching movies, Diet Dr. Pepper, intense conversations between Carter and my dad about his future (although this could definitely be classified as awkward, too.), Carter, poppies, memory foam pillows.

Oh, now I think I will tell you all about my first 'major surgery', coming up on January 6, 2011.

No, it's not my gall bladder like I thought it would be.. It's my darn wisdom teeth! All 4! :( One of them has been bothering me for a couple weeks, so I made an appointment with Dr. Heggie right after my appointment with Dr. Gibb (power chains, only 7 more months of train tracks!!). Dr. Gibb mentioned that he was going to refer me to get my wisdoms out, and I was like hold up, I already have an appointment. So I went to see Dr. Heggie and he referred me to a nice man named Dr. Rollingson. When Dr. Rollingson looked at my x-ray he turned to his assistant and said, "Ooh.. That's a doozie." EXCUSE ME? I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! What he meant was that my mouth is SO tiny he'll have to break the teeth to get them out of there!! However, I do get put under full sedation, which should be a real treat.

ANNNND I'll mention how excited I am for December!!

I get Decembe3rd off, then on Decembe9th or 10th, Jessica Baker gets home! Then on Decembe16th, I get to go see Kaiti! I can't even wait! And on Decembe17th Viktoria gets home! Then it's Christmas, Sugar Bowl, New Years! Plus, Carter has like 2 or 3 weekends off, and I have 13 days off work! It'll be cold.. But totally worth it, I think!! :)


a man in uniform.

my best friend is officially a kitted military private in training. or something like that. and let me tell you - he looks DANG good in his army greens. mm. :)

actually, i'm not gonna lie to you, blog. it freaked me out. he was so happy, and he looked so natural wearing the camo pants, green PT shirt, long sleeved micro fleece jacket, and the camo shirt. he had his beret - even though it's the wrong color - and his flags. and the 20 pound boots. and the wool socks. and the sock liners. 

he unpacked all like.. 6 of his duffel bags. in his bedroom. which is not even big enough. not to mention, it's a mess. seriously, i had to maneuver my way through the gas mask, sleeping bag innards and shell, ground sheet, duffel bags, boxes of shoes, wash basins, towels, PT uniforms, boxers, fleece pajamas, rain coat, mukluks, 6 pairs of gloves/mittens, toques (we are canadian, people!), flashlights, helmets.. ALL in army green. it put a whole new meaning to ''a sea of green''. 

*actually, a funny story. he went up to calgary with a sergeant and another girl in his regiment, who we'll call 'clifton', for lack of a better name. while she was getting all her goods, carter kindly packed her duffel bags. clothes in one, winter clothes in another, sleeping bag in one, accessories in another. but when clifton packed his, she just threw everything in to random bags. which is actually why he had to unpack everything. anyways, so he was looking for his beret, and couldn't find it, so he texted her and said, 'clifton! where is my beret?' and she replied.. 'in your duffel bag.'

well, clifton, i don't know if you realize this, but there are actually 4 duffel bags here! so he said.. 'clifton.. i have 4 duffel bags!' and she said.. 'the green one.'

no freaking duh! they're ALL green!!

'c'mon, clifton.. which one!'

i don't know what she ended up saying, but he found it. the wrong color though. apparently, since he's in artillery, it's supposed to be a green beret. he has a black one. which would put him as a tank driver? yeah, i dunno. but he's gotta get it fixed!

anyways, i'm really proud of him, regardless of any fear, apprehension, or anxiety i might have about the current situation. he's doing what he loves, and it shows. :) 

In Flanders Fields 
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.


today's music.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald
Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

" Couldn't sleep and wouldn't sleep,
When love came and told me, I shouldn't sleep;
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I. "

" I'm captivated by you, baby,
Like a fireworks show. "

" Lucky I'm in love with my best friend,
Lucky to have been where I have been,
Lucky to be coming home again.
Lucky we're in love in every way,
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed,
Lucky to be coming home someday. "

Christmas Wish List :)

- MacBook laptop.
- gift card for gas
- gift card for the mall
- digital camera!!





wisdom teeth.

power chains.

my oral pain tolerance is virtually non-existent.

and it hurts.


am i too old for sprinkles?

C.M.P & N.P.M took on GF,MT on 11/06/10. And it was AWESOME!

I think we will be doing it again. Haha. I just love shopping and other awesome things. I also just love when Carter and I are both exhausted and it's hilarious. I mean, other people probably think we're retarded.. But I promise we're not. :)

Things we learned this weekend..

Golden Corral is delicious.
Golden Corral has a great waitress named Theresa. We left her a $6.00 tip! 
While at Golden Corral, you may or may not see a family walk in that, if traveling in a vehicle together, would have to stop at a weigh station.
Cell phones aren't always necessary. But they're nice to have.
When you walk in to a shoe store.. Take deep breaths. This will eliminate the excitement.
Manchester is nothing but a huge trailer park.
Actually, most of Montana is a huge trailer park!
The speed markers are in mph, not k/hr.
Border patrol people aren't always scary.
Letting your girlfriend (me) drive home is always a good idea.
Monsters are cheap.
Diet Coke is cheap.
Fuel is disgustingly cheap.
If you eat at Golden Corral for lunch, you will not be hungry until you get home, around 8:00pm.
Target is always a good idea.
Gumboots are not always a good idea.
It's okay to watch boxing.
It's okay to stay at your boyfriends house with his family for a couple hours while he isn't there.
Passcodes on iPhones? Not a great idea.
Some breeds of dogs have long tails. Some of them do not. The reason they do not? PEOPLE CUT THEM OFF! (This is okay with some breeds though, ie., Boxers.)
Toy Story 3.
Karate Kid.
Country 95.5 :)
Road trips are great.


;; i gotta feeling..

That tonight's gonna be a good night..

Oh, the wonderfulness that is Friday, November 4..

Usually, I hate November. 'Tis the worst. Show Choir choreo, Christmas shopping, freezing weather, no money..

However... I'm gonna say that I'm right thrilled for November. Right now, anyway..

  1.  Carter has this weekend off.
  2. There is a football game tonight - LCI, baby! Goin' down! :P
  3. It's like 22C right now!! FABULOUS!!
  4. It's totally Friday. Need I say more?
  5. Although Taylor is at the peak of her terrible two's, Madi is making up for it with wonderful behavior.
  6. Diet Coke and Reeses Cups.
  7. 2 paydays, and a cheque from the school board!
Plus, no Show Choir. :) Bonus. But I do miss Gina!! A lot!!


every day is new.

have you ever stopped to think that although every year is the same - january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december (rinse and repeat) - and every week is the same - monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday (not necessarily in that order) - but every single day is different? sure, it starts at 12:00am (000, as carter would say) and ends at 11:59 (2359), but besides that.. every hour, minute, second, millisecond.. is different. i can honestly and completely say that i am 100% positive that as long as i have been living - 18 years, or 226 months, or 950 weeks - each and every one of my 6652 days of breathing have been unique. and i hope i have a lot of days left of living. how is it possible that every one of the 6,697,254,041 people on the earth right now, not to mention the billions or trillions of people that have already lived on the earth and passed on, have lived different lives? different days? 

tye dye?

so this morning when i got to work - okay, it was only like half an hour ago.. - the girls were still sleeping. in fact, they still are. so i was bored. val took off, and i got on the computer. of course. normally i don't get on their computer, but withotu my phone i have nothing to do! anyways, the point is.. i decided to change my blog around. when i saw the tye dye i knew i had to have it. :)

i think there is something so AWESOME about tye dye. seriously. who thought of it? just sticking clothes in random vats of color and hoping for the best? well, i'd say they were successful!


one of those days.

I love good news!!

I also love Slurpees.

And Cool Ranch Doritos chips.

I love when Andrew tells me that my iPhone screen is in so he can fix it.

I love finding out that I will be receiving a $300 cheque in the mail soon.

I love The Lion King.

I love the thought of another job. Soon.

I love comments on my blog posts! *hint ;)


I hate when people are irresponsible and forgetful.

I hate hypocrites.

I hate mopping.

I hate sweeping.

I hate cleaning.

I hate drywall dust.

I hate the spec house.

I hate Ryan's phone.

I hate that I owe my dad a lot of money.


I love when my hair looks like this :

And people compliment me on it! Like honest compliments! The kind that make you just smile and feel so good about yourself!

I love driving my mom's new Jeep (2010 Sahara! It's precious!)

I hate being forgotten.


Last minute.

Here ends my weekend. I hate weekends. This weekend was Halloween, which normally would have cancelled out the suckyness of weekends, but it was fiercely lame. Although, I did attend my first YSA dance, flanked by Kimber.. It was excellent. As long as Carter is at BMQ, I will be showing my face at more of those.

*Note to self - Do NOT wear heels to another YSA dance. Ever. Under any circumstances. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Carter has next weekend off - hip hip hooray!! - so on FRIDAY we are going to the football game (Go Comets!) and The Town (Hello, Ben Affleck.. You are the only reason I will go see this movie... Well that, and because C has been to so many chick flicks with me!). Then on SATURDAY, we are going to Great Falls! I have to send Elder Paxman a package (his birthday is in 12 days!!!!) and buy some new jeans. I dunno what C wants to do, but any time we have to spend together is most wonderful. :) On SUNDAY we have church, then I might beg him to take me to Waterton so we can take some cheesy, romantic, and/or hideous pictures. I can't even wait.

Anyways, today we went out to eat with my family - love you BP's - and then we went to Walmart, wherein I discovered that I love penguins and infant clothing. :)

Until next time,

Ciao, bella. :)