if we're friends on facebook, you probably know that i'm in slave lake for a bit. my dad is working to help rebuild the city, after it was ravaged by a wild fire, and then a flood. (read this article for details.)

anyways, slave lake has definitely been on the radar since may. i've heard so many things about the fires and the floods and i had this image in my mind of a broken city, sad people, a feeling of loss.

the houses to the right and the left of this lot were completely untouched by the fire.

trees - or what's left of them - along the highway.

remains of a quad.


a truck.

what's left of a gas station.

but now i'm realizing how terribly wrong i was. the residents of slave lake did not let the fire - or the flood - break them. they are growing. they are rebuilding. they still have hope. 

we went to church here yesterday. my family, heather, justin and their baby, kevin, sheena, their two kids, and mark joined the ranks of the branch. in total, there were 42 of us. it was fast and testimony meeting, as many of you know. and through the testimonies of the members of the branch, i realized that hope is not gone. tragedies to not define us.

slave lake is a beautiful city. the citizens are so faithful and brave. seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to come to slave lake.. do it. i plan on spending a lot of time up here, getting to know the city and the lake and the people. 

there is hope. there is always hope.

ps, sidenote.. i am loving instagr.am !!! :)

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