1. name: Nicole Martin. 

2. age: Nineteen, going on seventeen? :)

3. best friend/s: Carter, Jessica, Viktoria, and David Elder Paxman.

4. relationship status: Taken. And happy.

5. piercings i have: My ears.

6. piercings you want: Secretly, I kind of want this one. But not so badly that I'm gonna go do it. Ow.

7. tattoos you have: I don't have one!

8. tattoos you want: N68 014 717, on the side of my foot. But again, not so badly that I'm gonna do it.

9. favourite blog: Do I really have to choose? Okay. I choose... Brissa. And CaLea. It's a tie.

10. the meaning of my blog name: "Life Happens". Well, it does! It hails from the statement "Shi* Happens." But I thought that was kind of graphic. So I mellowed it out.

11. favourite band at the moment: He Is We. See my previous post..

12. favourite movie: So many! Oh my. Okay, The Princess Bride, She's The Man, and Crazy Stupid Love just made my top 3 list.

13. a fact about my personality: I'm shy. I usually won't tell you what I'm thinking unless I know you really, really well.

14. what i hate most about myself: Paunch.

15. what i love most about myself: Eyes.
16. what i want to be when i'm older: A mother.

17. idea of the perfect date: Anything that is one-on-one time. None of this 'group dating' stuff. That's hanging out, not a date (sorry, YW leaders!).

18. thing/s i hate the most: Molly Mormons, being cold (is that a thing?), Cortez Peters..

19. weakness: Diet Coke!

20. phobia: Being forgotten.
21. what i hate most about school: Cortez Peters.

22. things i find attractive in a guy: Smile. Laugh. Personality. Arms. I LOVE ARMS.

23. biggest turn on: Testimony.

24. biggest turn off: Dropping F-bombs! What are you, a neanderthal??

25. a random fact i know: To get to West Edmonton Mall from my house you take bus route 106. But to get home? Route 4. 106 will get you no where.

26. a quote i love: :..keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe

27. something i need to get off my chest: I hate when my boyfriend is social with people that aren't me. I get jealous.

28. someone i hate: Don't hate - appreciate!

29. the last time i cried and why: Sunday. Carter left.

30. looks or personality: Both.

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  1. "106 will get you no where" made me laugh out loud! Crazy how it will get you to mall, but not home. Did you find that out the hard way?