i love missionaries. i love having best friends serving missions. i feel so blessed to have amazing friends! 

wanna introduction? okay.

this is elder david paxman.

he is excellently spectacular.
he is serving in the atlanta, georgia mission. 
he left in march 2010,
and he'll be returning in 22 weeks.
march 2012.
i can't wait!!!!

okay, so next.
this is elder ethan palmer.

HE is hilarious.
to die for.
he just reported to the MTC yesterday!
he's serving in the 
philippines angeles mission.
so he'll be back in two years.

and then.
there is this young man.

is adrian jones.
he hasn't left yet.
he reports on december 15.
to the..
cape town south africa mission.

anyways, to the point of my post.
i created a care package for elder ethan today.

get it?
it's the gift of tongues!
kudos to chelan
for posting this idea.

so cute!

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  1. I love how you called it a "care package". To take care of his sweet tooth perhaps?