call me crazy.
call me weak or wimpy or wussy.
call me a crybaby.
call me unbelievable.

but every. single. time. i watch him walk away from me.
every. single. time. i hear that stupidly loud honda accord start up.
every. single. time. i see him drive down the street.

my heart breaks a little bit.
i sit down and bawl.

say i'm tender hearted.
say i should be stronger.
say i have it good, and that i shouldn't be upset.

anyway you put it.
i'm madly in love.

and i hate the fact that i have to face another week.
another exam.
another bus ride.
another lonely meal.

without him.

i'm having a really hard time with this whole separation thing. every monday i wish up and wish it was friday. every friday i wake up and realize that it is, indeed, friday, and that he's coming to see me. and every sunday i wake up and realize he's leaving today. it's an emotional rollercoaster. and i hate it. i hate feeling so alone. 

i'll be okay. i always am. but sunday nights are my worst.

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