A Plan.

The Lord knows what He's doing, doesn't He

He knows how to counteract a terrible day (see previous post..) with a fantastic one.

He knows how to turn Mondays into good days.

He knows when to give you the afternoon off so you can have a missionary-ish experience with a friend you never would have expected.

He knows when to relocate a roommate to give you your own personal space. 

He knows when to bring a letter to you, just when you need something uplifting.

He knows when you need a friend to come and chat.

He knows when to have that friend leave so you can talk about serious matters with your fiance.

He opens doors. He lets light shine in when and where it's needed. He delivers the Spirit. He calms nerves. 

He provides a way.


Wedding update:
Engagement pictures are done. I'll post some when I get them.
I bought a wedding dress. It's to die for.
I planned out my invitations today with my wonderful cousin Mandy.
122 days to go.

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