Workout: Day 1

Alright folks. I'm halfway through today's workout. And I'm already wiped. I didn't realize how honestly out of shape I am, until I did this workout.


Easy, right? NOT! I'm seriously sitting on my floor - stretching, mind you - sweating my brains out. And I'm doing it twice for max results!

This was how I felt though.


So now that I've actually done this workout, I'm curious. What are your favorite "beginner" workouts? And what are your workout jams?! I made myself a little playlist, but I'm open to suggestions!


1 comment:

  1. I just started pilates and for the first few times, it was kicking my butt! I do a lot of yoga and I thought it would be the same...boy was I wrong! But now the pilates workouts are getting easier and my muscles aren't screaming in pain. I guess that is a good thing. It is always hard when you start out! Keep at it! Either it will get better, or you will die!