Day 10: One confession.

01: I'm getting married in 19 days to the love of my life. I'm scared out of my mind, but I also can't wait. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait for eternity. :)


Day 09: two smilies that describe your life right now.

love struck

big grin


Day 08: Three turn ons.

01: Smiling.
02: Don't judge me - b.o. with deodorant. A mix. I love it.
03: Patience.


Day 07: Four turnoffs.

01: Bad breath.
02: Stuff in teeth. Ick.
03: Farting. C'mon - hold it in or take it to the bathroom!
04: Not liking Harry Potter. Weiners.


Day 06: Five people who mean a lot to you (in no specific order)

01: CARTER! The love of my life, my fiance, and my soon-to-be husband FOR ETERNITY!

02: MOM! I love her! We've basically travelled the world (AKA to Hawaii and back x2. Same thing.)

And also my whole family counts as 02.

 03: Viktoria. Best friend. Bridesmaid. Lovely girl. AAhhh I miss her.

04: Jessica. Also best friend. Twin. I miss her even more than I miss Tori!

05: All 3 of these boys get to count as 1 because they're all that amazing. Elder Adrian, Elder Ethan, and Marshie!


Day 05: Six things you wish you'd never done.

01: Lived with 6 girls in one house.,
02: Bought so many sweaters. And got so attached to them.
03: Forgotten to take meat out of the freezer. Every. Single. Day.
04: Kissed a certain boy. But I don't regret it because "..at the time it was exactly what you wanted."
05: Got addicted to One Tree Hill. I can't stop...
06: Came home from Hawaii. Both times. hahah



tonight, since carter is gone, i'm going to watch one tree hill.. paint my toenails.. sit on pinterest.. drink diet coke.. eat wheat thins.. you know, good stuff. :) happy sunday!
Day 04: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

01: I'm getting married. In 27 days. How excellent is that?!
02: Carter. Carter crosses my mind a lot.
03: School. My every other thought (besides Carter) is school.
04: My parents. And family. I miss my family!
05: Money. Gurrrrr.
06: Being cold. I'm always cold.
07: I miss the sun.



if i hiccup one more time i'm gonna spaz. spaz spaz spaz freak.right.out.
Day 03: Eight Ways To Win My Heart!

01: Make me brownies, like my love is doing right now!
02: Love Harry Potter.
03: Let me listen to my country music.
04: Help me take care of my disease.
05: Let me cry to you.
06: Tell me I'm beautiful - even when I'm clearly not.
07: Love your mom. Love the Church.
08: Be Carter Mitchell Peterson. :)


Day 02: Nine things about yourself.

01: I'm a girl.
02: I'm getting married.
03: I'm outrageously attractive.*
04: I love Diet Coke. With a passion. I shall die of aspartame poisoning at a young age.
05: I hate typing.
06: I love Carter. More than I love Diet Coke. Which is saying something.
07: I'm addicted to my cell phone. And Harry Potter. And Facebook. And this blog. And Pinterest.
08: I will have a baby Yorkie someday. Soon. (coughcoughCARTER!HINT!coughcough)
09: One day I want to go on a Disney Cruise with my family (aka. Carter and babies.)

*- Carter said this one. Although I guess I am pretty babalicious.


Blogging: 10 Days.

Day 01: 10 things you want to say to 10 different people.

01 - Cylie: Thanks for letting me borrow the seasons of One Tree Hill!!

02 - Meghan: You're silly. Paha. Just thinking about you makes me laugh.

03 - Carter: I love you. Come see me soon. :)

04 - Lindsay: Thanks for letting me steal your notes. Always.

05 - Loralie: I'm sorry I hate you so much..

06 - Lia: Don't mess me up on this A&P exam!

07 - Peyton Sawyer: You're an idiot for going in that creepy guy's dark dorm room. And for taking his drink.

08 - Jack Frost: Go die.

09 - Mom: Thanks for sending off in my invitations! You're the best!

10 - Jessica: I miss you, twinny.


"The sky isn't always blue,
 the sun doesn't always shine. 
It's alright to fall apart sometimes"

I'm missing people tonight.

Adrian, for being annoying.
Ethan, for being funny.
Carter, for making me warm.
Jessica, for letting me talk and talk and talk and talk.
Viktoria, for being pretty.
David, for being David.
My mom, for cooking.

Come home, please.



- semester has started again.
halfway through this semester (aka, in less than 7 weeks [37 days]) I'M GETTING MARRIED!!

mom is picking up the invites today.

watch for em. :)


remembering. :)

2011 was a great year, no?
For example, I learned that you're not supposed to start a sentence with a number, and that you're not supposed to end a sentence with a question. Fail.

- I lost all my wisdom via my jaw.
Ok, so January was lame.

- Carter & I celebrated our 1st Valentine's Day together!
- Carter 'graduated(?)' from his Basic Military Qualifications course!
- Myself, Adrian, and Ethan got sucked in to being in the town play, "Annie, Get Your Gun!"
- As per above, we met Christine!

- I got my stinkin' ugly braces off!
- And we performed the play! So fun.
- I got accepted to NAIT, in the Medical Transcription program!
- Carter decided the military wasn't for him at the time. (Thank goodness..)

- Carter asked me to grad. I replied with fish.
- We discovered a love of tennis.
- I finished my job as a nanny to prepare for moving to Edmonton.

- I got a job selling knives. Now, I turned out to not be the best salesperson, but I did end up with a bunch of great fantastic knives!!
- The Slave Lake fire happened. This changed my family's life forever.
- I discovered the wonder that is Zumba.
- OMG Ethan got his mission call!! (He's been out for 100 days now!!)
- Me & Carter saw the Titanic. Sort of.
- I voted for the first time!

- Carter turned 18.
- Carter graduated!
- Chopping my hair off.. :(
- Summer arrived, complete with sunburns and yard work.
- Carter broke his foot playing soccer. Poor thing.
- We celebrated our first 'anniversary'!

- I went to my first Broadway show (Wicked!) but it wasn't on Broadway... Whatever.
- My family basically moved to Slave Lake for the summer. (Remember when I said the fire changed our lives?) My dad is still there.
- Adrian got his mission call too!!!!!
- Thunder In The Valley. Love. Even in the rain.

- I got fired for the first time.
- I went to Slave Lake to be with my family!
- Carter got fired too, but he tells you he quit.
- Carter got a job in Slave Lake for my dad!, where he still is.
- I moved to Edmonton.
- And I turned 19.
- School started.

- Ethan left on his mission.
- I got to become friends with Cylie & Meghan!

- I bought a wedding dress.
- I fell in hate with the house I lived in.

- My favorite roommate moved out. AKA I hated the house even more.
- I decided it was time to move out. Actually, all our roommates decided it was time. So we did.

- Adrian left on his mission!
- I moved into mine and Carter's first place all by myself!
- School finally finished the first semester.
- I passed!
- I had an amazing Christmas holiday with my family and Carter.
- We welcomed 2012 with music and kissing! :)