talk time.

have i ever mentioned my amazing fiance?

and how much i love aforementioned fiance?

have i ever mentioned how much we talk on the phone?

let me put it this way.

if i go on my smartphone.

to my rogers account application.

and look at our usage.

we have unlimited evening and weekend minutes.

we only talk on the phone in the evenings.

we have, as of 4 hours ago, used 533:00 evening/weekend minutes.

and we just spoke on the phone for another 135 minutes.

that's right, kids.

2 hours and 15 minutes of talk time.

and then he was all, "i'm tired, i'm going to bed."

so we exchanged "i love yous" and "goodnights" and "sleep goods" and "see you in 2 days" and then he said his final goodbye. and i didn't hang up the phone.

neither did he.

he then began tossing and turning and sighing and making all sorts of funny sounds. the sorts of sounds that people make when they're falling asleep.

so obviously, i couldn't just hang up.

i said. "carter, did you forget to hang up the phone?" and he gasped in shock and then began panting. i started laughing. really hard. it was super funny. hahahaha. omg. i love that guy. legit. he's the greatest part of my whole world.

remember this post? from a long time ago? i still feel the same way.

funny how that happens, hey?

strangers become acquaintances. acquaintances become friends. friends become best friends. best friends become loves. loves become fiances. fiances become eternity.

we've certainly come a long way.

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