crazy life.

here's a look in to the life that is mine.

i just moved. but not really. i just switched bedrooms within my little house. but it was exhausting. i'm currently in the process of finding a bachelor's suite for me and my soon-to-be hubby to live in in december.
school is sucky. i'm doing alright with my grades and such, but it's seriously insane. 7 classes = exams every week. luckily, though, we don't do midterms. i'dve died. [sidenote, so if i read this again in a year once i've graduated, i LOVE pathology reports. we just started them today. lovelovelovelovelove.]
it's getting cold. winter is like.. here.
wedding plans are going great. i have a dress. i have invitations (sort of. it's more of a work in progress than anything). i have everything scheduled. i still have to invite my bridesmaids to you know, be my bridesmaids, and we have to order carter's groomsmen's ties. [107 days, if you were wondering.]
i drink way too much diet coke.
i spend too much time on the internet.
i love jodi picoult. seriously. if you want to get anything done, do not - i repeat, DO NOT! - pick up one of her books. i've read my sister's keeper, the tenth circle, plain truth, and most of house rules in just over a week. ONE WEEK. i read on the bus to school, from school, at lunch, between classes, walking home from the bus stop (i don't read on the way to the bus stop because [a.] it's really cold and i'd rather wear mittens and [b.] usually it's too dark to see the words very well.), and sometimes i even sneak in an hour or 2 (or 3 or 4..) after school.
the fiance is fantastic. he's to die for, really. he's so great. i talk to him for at least an hour. every. single. day. monday - thursday. then he comes and sees me on the weekends. which is awesome. i know he doesn't necessarily love taking time off of work, but i think being alone would suffocate me if he didn't come on weekends.
speaking of being alone.. kelsey eakett is a life saver. she's so willing to come play with me when all i want to do is cry.
money sucks. it's such a terrible thing. who's idea was money? they should be severely punished.
speaking of money.. i'm going babysitting tonight. again. every wednesday. i basically make $50 every week to just do my homework and watch tv.
BUT i have to leave in just over an hour. so that gives me another 45 minutes to read my house rules and maybe even finish it!

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  1. Nicole you need an e-reader!!! They are sooooooo awesome. Books are cheaper (YAY) And you can have access to them instantely, plus it saves on having space to store books....Im in love with mine.