lessons learned.

today i learned that....
- studying really does pay off. not studying has its consequences. like 48%.
- buses are not invincible in the snow. they're scary.
- speaking of snow, it sucks. it's cold, and it's wet, and it's slippery. and cold.
- not even the most perfect fiances can tear their eyes/ears/nose/hands away from video games..
- vehicles with 4-wheel drive are fan-freaking-tastic.
- heat lamps aren't that great.
- i maybe do like jewelry.
- don't put off studying until the last minute. it'll bite you in the butt.
- whilst trying to study, do NOT get on blogger. or facebook. or pinterest.
- talking on the phone while studying is not conducive to learning anything.
- crying doesn't solve anything. it doesn't make you smarter, or more beautiful, or happier, or take away your bad grades and frustration.
- groceries don't buy themselves.

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