a royal affair.

alright. so don't get me wrong. i am not one of those goons (no offense) who woke up at 4:00am to watch a wedding that i knew would be broadcast around the world within hours, so i could watch it later, at a more decent hour.

but that does not mean i did not want to.

all week i've been dreaming about kate's dress, and william's wonderful uniform, and the crowds, and the flowers.. so when i woke up this morning - for my last day of work - and realized that i could google search any random item of the wedding and see it, i did.

first? the dress.
could it be a more royal dress?
she is FABULOUS.

then, there's prince william.

isn't he FABULOUS?
i love the red and blue.


the long awaited kiss from the balcony at buckingham palace..

i might frame this.

yes, i'm a diehard fan.

the caaaake.


basically, what i'm trying to say.. is i want my wedding to be just like this. i want 1900 guests, and a designer wedding dress, and i want my hubby to wear red and blue, and i want to kiss on a balcony above the whole world, and i want it to be in a palace, and i want it to be broadcast to the whole wide freaking world!

gonna happen?

oh. it's gonna happen.

prince harry likes tramps, right?

think i could pull off trampy?

i do.



a big

to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! <3

Day 6 - A song that reminds you of somewhere.
Hawaii. Need I say more?


  1. I'm so glad I live here and could watch it live without getting up! haha Just to tease ;)

  2. I was already awake ... so I watched it live. And I will admit that I watched it later on that night too. It was good the first time, better the second {after watching Entertainment Tonight and the lip reader people saying everything that I couldn't quite catch} So the second time was fabulous. I loved her dress, I loved how elegant she looked, I just loved the whole thing. It was fun to have a sneak peek inside the life of a royal. I hope they make it. :D

  3. So you are going to frame a picture of somone elses wedding? why?