today was a gooder.

i feel as if everyone deserves to know what i did today. because it really was that awesome.

it is currently 4:14 am. yes, that's right. 4:14 am. my day started about... oh, i suck at math. umm.. 9:30. so 19 hours ago? is that right? something like that. anyways.

i woke up at 9:30 cause carter called me and said he was going to lethbridge. like i care. so i went back to sleep. only to have a dream - my subconscious mind must still be upset with me - that he died. i woke up convinced that he was dead, and i had no way of confirming or denying this. i had a very stressful morning until he called me at 1:30. whew.

we went over to aunt dianne's house to play with jen's beautiful boxer puppy - ivy. she is seriously adorable. one day i will have one of her babies for my own. then i got a text from my darling cousin meagan - who just got sealed to her wonderful husband and two boys this weekend! - cause she wanted to hang out. so we went over there and played with her babies.

then carter was tired so i tucked him in for a nap and went to do the LAST SHOW! woooo!! it was a success, to say the least. at about 11:30 i went back to carter's to wake him and up and get our butts over to bill nalder's - a 92 year old show tunes loving cowboy - for the cast party. and that is why it is now 4:17 and i am just tucking myself into bed. oh? conference starts in less than 6 hours? that is correct.

i'm sure that later i'll do a post on my favorite talk, or something i learned, or how tired i was.. but the point is.. today was a very good day. :)

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