i feel like nothing noteworthy has happened since sunday.

how about..

yesterday, i found out that a lot of people are disappointed in me.

but a lot of people aren't.

today, i found out that 5 year olds are terrified of lots of things.

and 2 year olds are fearless.

i also got a job interview at *** ********** ****.

it's a secret until monday, when i find out if i actually get the job or not.

but i'm dang well excited.

oh, also starting monday.. a new diet/exercise regimen.

that is better than my current one.

oh. wait. what current one?

so make sure you comment next week and ask me how it's going.

i gotta have someone to please! :)

Day 3 - A song that makes you happy.

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  1. Share the diet/exercise regimen?!? Lol, Im desperately in need of one, Im lacking all motivation to continue with my current one.