grad.. 2011?

nbd that i getta go to grad twice! haha! is it a surprise to anyone that i got asked? by

my handsome boyfriend. ;)
guess how he did it. go ahead. guess.

okay. i'll tell you.


blindfolded me
and drove me around lethbridge

at least 3 times.

and we ended up at

ric's grill! the water tower restaurant! 

if you've never been there.. you should try it. cause it's seriously SO good. little pricey, but basically worth it. ;)

and when the nice


brought me my delicious

he also gave me a card. the message inside was private though, and an inside joke, so i can't post a picture. but basically it just said that i should go to grad with him. obviously i couldn't just answer him right then, so we finished out our evening by going to 

for a 

and it was SO GOOD! seriously. don't judge it till you've had it. all the flavors compliment each other so well. and it's only like $3!! do it. ah, now i want one. okay. so yeah. that's seriously the best dessert ever.

anyways, i had to answer my date, right? because in raymond, it's not just a questions that asks. and it's not just saying yes or no. it's gotta be big. ;)

sooooooooo i bought some

and a fancy fishbowl and some shiny rocks and some fish food and i put the fish and the rocks in the fishbowl and put some stickers that say
right on the bowl!
aren't i cute?

i'll take a picture of it next time i'm at his home and post it!

anyways, i love him. that is all.

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