in this country..

never underestimated the value of a good pair of windshield wipers.

do not put away "winter" clothes, ever. you never know when you might need your winter boots.

gasoline prices will always be higher than the average persons IQ.

if the sun is shining, go outside.

slurpees are 100% okay in all weather.

deer, geese, foxes, coyotes, and moose are not "wildlife". they are a driving hazard.

spring = plowing and planting; fall = harvest; both = dust. dust. and more dust. windows should be closed.

sunny weather means its a drought. rainy weather means its a flood. either way, farmers are cranky.

don't bother doing your hair. it'll probably be windy. or snowing. or raining. or both. or all three.

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  1. I'll never forget the strange looks I got from people when I was walking around Harvard Square in the middle of Feb with a slurpee in my hand! They all thought I was crazy, meanwhile I was trying to figure out why American slurpees were so crappy!