saturday is a special day.

it's the day me & carter hang out in sweatpants, eat tons of junk food, and watch movies ALL day.

in other news... 

i am so sick. like. so so sick. i can't talk. legit. and i can't breathe out my nose. but my throat hurts, so breathing through my mouth hurts too. and my headache. oh my. my headache. i've had it since... yesterday morning. maybe even saturday night. and it won't go away!! i've taken so many tylenol: no success. so i'm giving up. hopefully it'll just go away. 

i'm still looking for a job, so if you guys know of anywhere that's hiring.. hit me up!

[ps. new favorite song. i found it on saturday. appropriate? absolutely.]


  1. Okay, so I seriously want some of those sweatpants! lol....I love that you two can do that! How fun!

  2. ohmygoodness. i have loved this song for a while now but i haven't seen the video until just now. i didn't think it possible, but i just fell in deeper love with bruno.