my favorite guys in the world.

and why.

numero uno.
carter mitchell peterson. obvs.
 you may or may not have noticed that i am full fledged in love with this boy.
he's the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, caringest, selflessnest boy that ever walked.
i'm sure of it.
he likes me for me, and not for who i could be, or who he wants me to be.
there is honestly not one thing i would change about him, even if i could.
he's just what i want. and need.
he's mine.
*snaps for carter!*

marshall leishman.
mmhm, i miss marshieboo.
he's such a funny kid.
we've been friends for SIX years! count em! six! it's such a long time!
and he's timeless.
with that curly mop of hair..
time to visit him, i think. beeecause he's one of my oldest, bestest friends.
*snaps for marshall!*

adrian glenn jones.
you look funny tilting your head like that..
i've known him for six years also.
and he's also very funny.
he has a very sturdy head on his tall body.
his testimony is infallible.
plus, he can sing like nobody's business.
*snaps for adrian!*

ethan craig palmer.
tops of the list at #1 funny boy.
ethan can always make me smile.
even when i'm in the worst mood ever.
i just call him up.
and he always makes me smile.
what a clown.
*snaps for ethan!*

cinco [de mayo].
elder david scott paxman.
what a guy.
i loooove david.
he's currently a missionary in atlanta, georgia.
and he writes some dang good letters.
i can't wait for him to get home (11 months? whaa?) and have a heart to heart with him.
at my wedding, he WILL be my best man. :) for shizzle.
*snaps for elder david!*

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