wanna know what i did this weekend?

well, let me warn you.


on saturday - i guess that was only yesterday! - me and carter went to great falls with his dad and shawna and the girls (brooklyn and rylee) to spend some money that we both didn't have. :P

then we played with tori and adrian. love them.

then! today!

we had a PICNIC!

mm mm mm..

egg salad sandwiches, chips, cookies, crackers, lemonade, toblerone.. 

but what picnic at henderson would be complete without the presence of seagulls? sunshine? and, of course, crawdad claws. :(

now, the crawdad claws.. we didn't even notice them until we were done eating. then we realized there were literally hundreds of them. and if you stepped on them, or kneeled on them, or touched them at all they would crack and make a terrible sound. :( if you wanna know what i'm talking about, head out to henderson.. go over the little bridge to the little island.. and all the way at the end. by poop rock. you'll see what i'm talking about.


look at our pretty pictures!

pre sunburn. i'm fried!!! <3

oh, and just so y'all know.. me and carter have "matching" shirts. according to everyone. see that green nike shirt he's wearing up there? mmhm. well the purple one i'm wearing says.. "every damn day. just do it." yeah, we represent. i wanted to get a picture of the two of us, but it was way too hot to be posing, and we were way too comfortable just laying around doing nothing!

Day 2 - least favorite song
A big ol' thanks to Juhee@Pages of Me
for introducing this horror.

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