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oh my goodness. this has been a crazy couple weeks, yes? i haven't worked, but i've had the play full time, and now i get carter to myself every single day, including weekends, AND this summer! i'm just a happy character. okay, now down to business. i told you that i'd post pictures, but i've been aslacking. time to make up for it.

me & carter coloring with the little girls. and james.
i love love love how patient carter is. with me, with his brother, with his mother, with his friends. i love that he takes time out of his day - every day - just to talk to me, or to sit with me, or to cuddle me. :) and i also love that he loves my family! he loves coming over for dinner or for a movie or for our crazy fhe nights!

in the green room. it usually took about 5 minutes to get this costume on.
thanks to everyone that ever helped me get tied up!!

just hanging out.. hahah. i love this picture.

look at our pins! coooooolio.
ps. i got over my fear of popping balloons. i had to! now i'm pro.

gorgeous brandley girls [and me!] in our gorgeous gowns.
i am so glad that i did this play. even though i hated it at first, and i just felt so insecure about everything.. i ended up having a really good time. but don't get me wrong, it's a huge relief to have it over with! lol. but it was fun. and i made a new friend! blogworld, meet christine.

she is a gem. or, as ethan would say, a diamond in the rough. lol. she's such a riot, though. so fun, so funny. i'm pree sure she always has a smile on her face. i wish she had moved down here earlier so we could have been friends for longer! but better late than never, right? :)

most of the cast - and crew - in our matching shirts!

this may or may not have been taken at about 330am.
we look pretty good, hey?
the cast party was a blast. good ol' [very old!] bill nalder hosted it for us. and he partied right along side us. he taught he the virginia reel, the hokey pokey, and the chicken dance. we ate cafe rio, had figure skating competitions, and watched the taping of the play. and we all left his house at 4am. but guess what? he was still awake, and partying hard with us! 

aaaand the next day was general conference. secretly i only watched sunday afternoon session, but i'll catch up on the rest of them. but guess what! sunday afternoon, there was a talk that i felt was exactly what i needed - and what carter needed - to hear.

it was elder richard g. scott's talk on marriage. now, i know i'm not married.. but i can't wait to be! i already have a guy who is fully devoted to me, and who loves me for me, but i think the bond between us will become even stronger once we're sealed in the temple. the way elder scott talked about his wife.. i have no doubt in my mind that she is continually blessed with his love, even beyond the veil. 

having the true gospel is such a blessing that i've taken for granted in my life. but i know that i really am lucky to have it, and to know the church is true.

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