adventures of carter and nicole..

small town kids in a big city.

first off, me and carter need to learn how to read city transit maps before EVER attempting to go ride a ctrain again. we rode and back tracked and tried again and again SO many times! it was miserable. but not at the same time.

we decided we wanted to go on an adventure. namely? the calgary zoo, and science center.

start your engines.

cool, huh?

[sidenote, we never made it to the zoo. it was really windy and cold..]

so we spent a couple hours at the science center (admiring the titanic exhibition), a couple hours on the ctrain, and a lot of hours wandering aimlessly in the chinook mall. legit, we walked around for FIVE hours. and still probably didn't even see all of it. ridiculous.

it was a long day. but it was a lot of fun!! i'll put some more pictures on later. :)

Day 7 - A song that reminds you of a certain event.
18th birthday!

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