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Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons. 
~Author Unknown

last night, carter and i had a heart to heart about.. life. both of us come from completely different situations - different families, different towns, different childhoods. and in talking to him, i began thinking about what my childhood meant to me. what reminders of my childhood i had. my memories. my favorite toys, books, and smells. and then i thought. "blog post!" :)

my favorite toys were beanie babies. remember those? but i didn't play with them. i had a pocket quilt hanging on my wall FULL of beanie babies. it was my ''collection''. you know, instead of rocks or marbles.

another collection i had was babysitter club books. i swear, i owned every single one.

my favorite color was pink. baby pink. and white. together. i loved drawing, and i loved taking pictures. i loved riding my bike.

i was a loser in elementary school. seriously. everyone can attest to this. no one actually liked me. i didn't have any friends. and it hurt. but once i got to junior high, i realized that i didn't care what everyone thought of me. this was the best moment of my entire life, even up till now. because it still stands true. 

my favorite smell was that terrible cotton candy perfume. i know you know what i'm talking about.

i loved cats.

i hated pizza and cheese. the only yogurt i liked was nielson's.

i liked jumping on the tramp and playing playstation with my brothers.

i was a huge nerd. i loved msn.

i had a few different best friends, none of which lasted for very long. amber, sarah, ashley, juhee, whitney.. i have terribly fond memories of each of them.
[dear juhee... my best memory of you was that sick american girl doll book that was like.. educational? regarding puberty and menstrual cycles and all that business. and the fake msn girl we made up.. hahaha. remember that?!?!]
but then, as all prepubescent teenage girls do, we fought. and fought and fought and fought. so unnecessary. but i guess we grow with each friend we love and lose, right? makes sense to me.

i was jealous of all the girls who got to be in clogging. or ballet. or gymnastics. all i had was piano. and i hated it.

i loved living so close to my grandparents.

i loved sleepovers.

i loved running through the sprinklers, and playing 500, and making prank phone calls.

i loved - i still do love! - my little brothers.

i was scared of boys.

i loved how supportive my whole grade was after our house fire.

if i could taste my childhood.. it would taste like macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, red koolaid, and fudgsicles. and hoagies! oh my goodness. hoagie day was seriously the best day of the month. the mayo, the cheezwhiz, the fake meat.. sick. now i'm craving a freaking hoagie. oh, and chokecherry syrup at grandma's house. mmm.

i loved computer games that tested my smarts. 

i hated my glasses and retainers. which, i suppose, is why i just barely got my braces off.

i was super jealous of tycee's perfect teeth. always. still am.

i wish i had played basketball.

i wish i hadn't been such a nerd.

BUT there is not a single part of my childhood that i would take back or change in anyway.

i was so blessed to be raised in a wholesome home with amazing parents, in a little incredible town, with the true gospel. 

and i can't wait for the rest of my life. 

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  1. Dang, this post makes me think back to my own childhood memories...if only I could have stayed so innocent and ignorant haha.