I am here to welcome you with open arms.

Don't get me wrong - there was nothing wrong with 2010. It was an amazing year. So many awesome things happened. Like..

In January - I met the most amazing friend. :) I also went on my first roadtrip, with Marshall and David and Adrian, to see my best friend, Viktoria.

Best friends. :)

In February - A new semester, few challenges.. Also me and that new, most amazing friend.. We actually became friends. We started hanging out all the time! 

In March - I said goodbye to an old friend; to a best friend. Elder David left on his mission to Atlanta, Georgia. This was the most difficult thing I had to do in 2010. I felt like I had been abandoned - Jessica was back at WSU, and Viktoria was at home in St. Albert. I had no one to turn to.. Except my new, amazing friend. He was there for me whenever I turned around.

Elder Paxman.

April - Me and my dear mother ventured back to Hawaii! :)

Mom, the pineapple.
Nicole, the pineapple.

May - Graduation, Part 1. This included the fashion show, and banquet, the party, and after party. Show Choir trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Best friends, again.

June - Graduation, Part 2. This included the Grand March, and waiting for diplomas. I graduated. No big deal. :) Also in June was my amazing friend's 17th birthday, for which we celebrated hardcorely. AND ALSO! Was when me and my amazing friend finally started dating. (I'd been waiting for him since like.. March. What a poop.)

Best friends.

July - Canada Day, iPhone, roadtrip to Utah with Jessica dearest to see Kaiti.. :) We also had a party for Marshall and Breanne, cause they moved to Calgary. Also, Thunder In The Valley. :)

Canada Day - Nicole and Kalia.

Typical fat kids.

We hiked. A lot. It was hot.


August - I turned 18! Me and Carter and my mama went to the Michael Buble concert in Calgary! :) I also got a job!

Birthday time!

Best friends. He's my love haha. :) <3
Work! Me and Madi!

September - Work, work, work.

October - Work, work, work. I dyed my hair blonde. Carter got into the army.

November - Work, work, work. 

(I'm sure other things happened.. But I just can't think of anything exciting..)

December - Christmas! (See previous posts for Christmas!)

I'm excited to see what amazing adventures a new year can bring me! :) Although, I am starting the new year with oral surgery.. (Watch for a new post..) and Carter is going to be super busy.. And Jessica and Viktoria are both gone.. I'm going to go into it with a bright new perspective, and hope for the best!!

Resolutions : 
Drink no pop for AT LEAST 6 months! 
Become a better LDS.
Learn to say thank you, and I love you.

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  1. I like those resolutions..those are goooood resolutions! :D