pain. painpainpain.

okay, so once upon a time i had to get my wisdom teeth out.
this time was today.
this morning, actually.
we had to be at the clinic (dr. rollingson) at 7:30am.
we went in, i sat down in the chair, and the woman put the blood pressure cuff on. a few minutes later, dr. r came in and gave an injection of...... question mark. i have no idea what it was. but seriously after a minute my brain went blank. i do not remember anything. actually, i remember asking my mom to take my boots off - but i couldn't talk, cause i think i had a bite block in? and i remember someone saying, "that's one."
when he took the little iv thing in, i sat up, and i was in a daze for sure. my mom disappeared, the nurse took the blood pressure cuff off, put my boots on, then my mom came back in and her and the nurse (sheila) helped me in to my coat, then they seriously had to support all my weight back out to the jeep. i was so dizzy. the next thing i remember was walking in to the house. i think we got home around 11? and i slept until carter got here at like 12:30. i've been dozing on and off since then, but i'm in too much pain to sleep. every couple hours i have to take a t3 and an antibiotic, and then an ibuprofen and an antibiotic. i can't brush my teeth, or chew, or suck out of a straw. and i'm really nauseous. ow. :(

good news? my tongue is too short to reach the stitches lol. so i can't feel them at all.

and more bad news? my back is killing me. KILLING me.

if anyone is feeling pity toward me, feel free to bring me a milkshake - strawberry is preferred, a slurpee - orange!, or a smoothie - i like banana and strawberry and chocolate. all in the same milkshake. booster juice would be good too. hmm. yup. sometimes i like stuffed animals. and 'get well' cards always make me feel better. or, i think they do.. i've never actually had one!

waaaaaaa. :( poor me!

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