a lack of wisdom.

it's been almost 80 hours since my wisdom was so rudely extracted from my skull.
do i regret it?
right now, the answer is yes.
i do not recall ever being in so much pain. ever.
but i know that in a couple of days - hopefully only 1 or 2 days, actually - i'll be glad i got it over with.

over the last 4 days, i've found a lot of things that i would usually take for granted.

first - cold packs. consequently, the freezer. and cold drinks. milkshakes, slurpees, booster juice, ice water.
second - instant jello, applesauce, pudding. i even had some chicken noodle soup last night. it was real good. but especially jello. oh, how i love jello.
third - ibuprofen, tylenol 3, and novamoxin. especially ibuprofen. it's a painkiller and sleeping pill all in one.
fourth - my bed. and the couch upstairs. i have been sleeping for probably 90% of the last 80 hours.
fifth - tampons. it's true.

my family has been taking such good care of me. adrian and ethan brought me a slurpee last night, which was also greatly appreciated. jessica and viktoria have both skyped me, and we had some nice chats. and of course, carter. he's been gone since friday night, but he'll be home in a couple hours, and i can not even wait.. ugh. typing all this out has made me exhausted again.

i'm going to curl up with my pillows, and an icepack, and She's The Man, and sleep sleep sleep.

good night.

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