01/28/11=(NM+CP)^7. Impressive math skills, huh? :) Celebratory measures? Swimming (in the kiddie pool virtually the entire time..), eating mini cupcakes (provided by Jen. They were delicious, by the way!), going to see Yogi Bear (in 3D!), miniature golfing (which I got totally wasted at..), going to see The Tourist (really good.. But I totally predicted the end!), and as I'm typing this... Carter is drawing on my little brother's face cause he fell asleep in the living room.

He's definitely my best friend in the whole wide universe! :) He's such an incredible guy! Woohoo! I'm SOO lucky!!

turns out he didn't know there was a photo being taken.. i still love this one anyway!

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  1. you make me laugh nooch haha thats sweet! sounds like youve had a really good day huh! lets hang soon. i miss you. <3