Emotions Running High.

I'm a pretty emotionally strong person. Especially for a teenaged, newly graduated female with a million and a half decisions to make. I don't get really angry very often, and I'm fairly lighthearted when it comes to controversial subjects. I tend to save my emotions for when I'm alone in my bed. Very few people have seen me cry (over something personal. Not counting at funerals or when I've felt the spirit.). The first time I cried in public was the 2009 seminary graduation, when Jessica told me she was moving to Utah in two months. Everyone saw me sobbing that time! Lol. Jessica has seen me cry a million times! And I think Mitch probably saw me cry once or twice too. David saw me sobbing the night before he left on his mission.. He came to hug me before he was set apart, and I lost all dignity. My mom, obviously, has seen me cry. But now, I've found myself an emotional support. A shoulder to cry on. Arms to hold me. And most importantly, someone who can make me laugh and forget why I was crying. Take a guess as to who it is. If you guessed 'Carter'.. You're right! Earlier this week I was just having a really rough day, and I finally decided that I trusted him enough to not turn me away when I get emotionally. He held me and let me cry for like two hours. And by the end of the two hours I was laughing. And the best part? We're still dating. :) He's honestly the best. The very, very best.

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