Yuh - Huh!

Lucky #7 is happening this week.

On Friday, to be exact.

Our last date night. :) BP's and mini golfing.

I can't even believe it!

Also 'anniversaring' soon? The first time me & C hung out, a year ago (truly the start of something new!) and this is the week that I a) took my first series of diplomas and b) went on my first roadtrip!  Hmm. What else..
Here's our roadtrip! Super fun!

Well, February is always kind of a big month.. This February is 8 years since our house fire,

This amazing drawing is by Roxanne Karnas!

 2 years since I got my very first vehicle, and 3 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. It is also the month of "Singles Awareness Day", which I will not be celebrating this year, for the first time ever! ;)

Did I mention that today I sold my soul to the life of a thespian until April 2? But I'm kind of excited. It means basically that I'm going to be exhausted, malnourished, probably come down with some sort of laryngitis (with my luck..) and spend next to zero time with Carter. :( Bummer. We're doing "Annie, Get Your Gun",

 which features songs such as "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" and "No Business Like Show Business". As soon as I find out when tickets go on sale I'll let you all know!! In the meantime, however, expect pictures and quotes and updates as to the process of production. I haven't been in a play since HSM in grade 9!

The whole cast. We love each other.

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