Awkward/Awesome. :)

- Shaving Carter's head for the first time. It was brutal.
- Making eye contact with the guy in the massive truck that was stuck in the same snowbank that I was able to plow through in my little Neon.. Yay for Betty!!
- Getting jello down my shirt. And I wasn't even responsible for that!
- Wet pant-legs. :(
- While dropping Madi off at school, my ex-boyfriend(who is currently on a mission)'s niece ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. Her mom just stared me down, cause she had no idea who I was.
- Trying to make my wind blown hair look sexy. Result? A complete disaster. That's what.
- Saying goodbye in front of his mama..
- Not remembering ANYTHING from the weekend that I got my wisdom teeth out.. I'm kind of embarrassed about some of the things I do. And I mostly hope that Carter is just making some of this up.
- New sweatpants!
- Sleeping in.
- Long socks that stay on my feet when I take my winter boots off.
- Having an excuse for terrible hair. (Read: wind.)
- Quiet time.
- Kraft Dinner. Mm mm mm. And apple juice.
- Subway with bf. He hates when I pay. :)
- Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker.
- Jersey Shore, guidos!
- The guy I saw pushing his bike down 43rd Street in the blowing snow.. Wearing biker shorts.. Ooh lala!
- Teen Mom 2. Janelle sucks.
- iPhone/Pod apps!
- My employer! She let me go home an hour early today, and I get an extra hour of sleep because she's worried about me driving home!
Awkward? : This was basically the result of me trying to make wind blown hair look sexy. :(

Awesome? : This picture. :)
Although, this could also be classified as Awkward. Definitely.

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  1. This is soo cute!! ha i know exactly how your feelin with the mission situation!! Love you blog!