purely not inspired.

a new post is not coming to me. i want it to. i want to make you laugh, or cry, or feel bad for me, or think i deserved whatever happened. but i've tried typing out the story quite a few times. it's just not coming. so i'll try again.


do you have friends that you've known forever, but you don't really know them? i mean, you know their names and their families, but you don't know their favorite food? or their biggest pet peeves?

i do.

it's these boys right in this picture here.

i started hanging out with adrian (center) in grade 8. he was best friends with marshall (right), so naturally, i hung out with him too. and then eventually ethan (left) came into the picture. so since i was 13, these 3 boys and i have been inseparable. we always had the same schedule in school - we might have planned it out that way - and we hung out every weekend. 

now, as teenage boys, they have their downfalls. they play far too many video games, think they're good at things they're not (*ahem*parkour*ahem*), eat weird food, tell stupid jokes, and pull stupider pranks.

and as their only female friend (not really, but their oldest female friend), i fall victim to these pranks 10 times out of 10.

this has been anything from writing on my car windows with a bar of soap, to egging my car, to putting rotten eggs in my car, to filling all my vents with confetti, to covering my car in shaving cream and condoms, to putting rotting old lazyboys on my car. and believe me, i do not take to these pranks kindly. you're probably laughing, thinking of all the great things you could do to people's cars with these kind of ideas. but i will assure you, they are not fun to be on the receiving end of. 

lessons i've learned?

1. if your car - or house - gets egged, do not wait to clean it off. if you wait, they will cook, and be 12 times harder to get off. to get them off, the easiest thing to do is one of the following.
               a) mr. clean magic eraser.
               b) subway degreaser. now, depending on your local subway, they might not be so willing to just give it to you. but it doesn't hurt to ask, and explain the situation.

2. the people who own carwashes do not appreciate if you leave the condoms from your car - unused, sickos! - on the floor of their garage. i suggest you pick them up, as nasty as it may be, and throw them out.

3. sometimes, the rotting lazyboys aren't really that rotting. in fact, i have one of those 'rotting' chairs downstairs in my bedroom!

4. there is nothing you can do if there is confetti in your vents. you can turn on the AC as high as it will go and see if you can get it to all blow out, or you can get a shopvac and try to suck it all out.. but it takes months to get ALL of it out.

now my story takes a random turn.

saturday was my first day of work. and i worked late. :( from 5pm until 12am. then i had to drive home. so i got to christine's house (party rockin' in the house tonighht!!) around 1230. we went downstairs so marshall, adrian, ethan, kelsey, and kaitlyn could leave, then me and carter and christine and keith hung out in the kitchen for a bit. when we left her house - at 1 - my car was covered in toothpaste and soap. it's easy enough to imagine that i was not impressed at all. at all. i was so tired and cranky from work, and i had church at 9 in the morning, but here was my car. covered in CRAP. i kind of snapped at carter, i texted some strongly worded messages to those 3 boys, and i drove home and cried. i cried because i was tired. i cried because i was upset. i cried because i thought the boys had grown up, and so i was disappointed. carter came over - what a great boyfriend - and just let me cry to him for a while, then he went home to bed. sunday morning i woke up and walked to church, because i was ashamed of what people would think of my sick car, and i did not have a very good attitude towards anything that i heard that day. when i got home from church, i had a looooooooooong bath, then tackled my car. 

lesson #5.

toothpaste does not easily come off windows. or windshield wipers. after about $11 and an hour at the carwash, the majority of it comes off though.

lesson #6.

if the boys bring you a brownie that they baked themselves, complete with heart shaped strawberries.. it's okay to forgive them and not be mad anymore. as long as they promise that they're not going to prank it again. ever. 

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  1. wow....i'm so sorry that one of those boys is my brother. but i'm glad they made you a brownie (yeah that makes up for the time and emotions they put you through *rolls eyes*). and where the heck did they get all those condoms? probably in lethbridge if they didn't want the whole town to know of their promiscuity haha.