oh my goodness!

i've missed www.blogger.com !!

in fact, i just spent the last 40 minutes reading posts that i've missed over the last 6 days.

see, my internet was down.

except for about 10 minutes, in which i was able to post a picture of me and carter beside a motorcycle!

we took that baby to grad.

and it was so sweet.

let's see.. what else have i been up to..

well, like i said.. grad. carter graduated!

YAY for boyfriend!

and i had matching hair with his sister..

and i made a new friend!

L-R : me, boyfriend, boyfriend's best friend (nathan), and new friend (shauna)

yesterday was CANADA DAY! :)

i love canada day.

basically, in my little town of raymond, canada day means a number of things.

1 - family reunions. 
2 - lame parades.
3 - loads of bbqs.
                 seriously, if you don't have a bbq, you have no friends.
4 - no rules. go ahead, ride your quad with no helmet. go jump off a bridge. no one cares.
5 - fireworks.
6 - sunburns.

pre sunburn.

post sunburn.
even boyfriend got sunburned!

that's about it.

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