apple products.

i need an iphone.

yes, it's true.. i have had an iphone in the past.. but it broke. and now i want a new one.

what phone am i currently using?

this ugly turd face. 

it's not even smart enough to be considered a smart phone.

so right now, i'm pining for an iphone.

and what better accessory for an iphone than an imac?

carter says i need a macbook pro. cause i'm pro.

plus, i need one for school.

do i have any voluntary sponsers ??


  1. if you find a sponsor, let me know haha

  2. I had a macbook pro and LOVED it! The only reason I switched to PC is because it turns out most accounting isnt MAC friendly :( ...however I do ?LOVE my black berry haha...good luck with the sponser! ;)