happy independence day to my american friends.

enjoy this.

i just thought i'd apologize for your lack of health care. yeah, that sucks.

also, your anthem is really really long. sorry about that too.

and i know you guys have 9.2 times more people than we do.. but we're over it. we live 3.8% longer!

sorry about all the protestants down there.

and looks like the USA is 91 years older than canada. just means you'll die sooner.

ps! i'm totally kidding. although i do love living in canada, i also love the united states of america. i love the shopping and the beaches and the people and i love utah and hawaii and california. i have nothing against the american anthem, or protestants. i know a lot of canadians that spend july 4th moaning and groaning about how much they hate americans and the states and blah blah blah. but me and carter were trying super hard to figure out a way to get to great falls tonight to celebrate with other us of a citizens. 

i hope you all had a great weekend with family, friends, sunshine, bbqs, swimming, camping, and fireworks!

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  1. Hahahahahaha as an American, I agree with half that list. We love you Canadians!