i'm selfish. i eat way too much junk food. i don't take care of my diabetes like i should. i spend my money too fast. i don't always pay my tithing first thing. i waste way too much time on the computer. i hate my job. i think i sing really well. i don't. i don't take much pride in how i look. i wish my teeth were whiter. i wish i wore smaller jeans. i wish i had a butt. i wish my boobs were smaller. i'm a very jealous person. i am not only in the world, but of it. i litter. i speed. i like bubble baths. a lot. i have a short temper. i don't always wash my hands before i come out of the bathroom. i'm usually really unprepared for basically everything. i expect other people to do a lot of things for me. i don't express my thanks often enough. i have a hard time saying "i love you" to the people who deserve it the most. i have mean thoughts. people do things just to make me mad. that makes me even madder. i want things that i can't have. i have unrealistic dreams. i get addicted to tv shows like jersey shore and teen mom. 

but what do you want from me? 

i'm only human.

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