it's been rough.

so, i know a bunch of my posts in the last week or so have been pretty sad. but i've been pretty sad!

last night, i was super super sad. like so sad that i was awake until 2 in the morning legitimately bawling my eyes out. carter was trying his best to comfort me - he's the best - and i had talked to my mom for over half an hour on the phone.. but it's not the same. i wanted my family home. and i wanted it now. finally, it was like a brick hit me.

i needed to pray. i needed the ultimate comforter to be there with me. so that's what i did. i went and sat in my room and prayed that i would be comforted and not so lonely. then it came to me. a scripture i had had on my mirror for a long time, but forgotten about.

"i will not leave you comfortless; i will come to you." - john 14:18.

i went back to carter and i was fine. he was kind of surprised to see how well i had recovered, but i told him not to worry about it. so he went home, i went to sleep, and everything has been fine since then.

i'm so grateful for a heavenly father who understands our wants and our needs, and is willing to help us at any time.

now, family.. please come home.

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