hummingbird heartbeat

i've had a crazy trash weekend.

first, adrian totes got his mission call!
second, it was thunder in the valley! supes awesome.
me and boyfriend drove up saturday morning/afternoon and hung out with my famdamily at the downtown fair/show&shine all day.
then we went and sat in the field at six thirty.
wanna know what time the fireworks start at?
yup. we were there for 4.5 hours. just sitting.
maybe we took some pictures?

anddd we got rained on.
no. rained is an understatement.
we got POURED on.
the clouds opened up and blessed the farmers.
some more.
damn farmers.
but we stuck it out, and saw some great fireworks.

also, we were supposed to go to the mountains after the show and camp out with my grandparents.
but because of the rain, they left early to go to bed.
so we opted out of camping and decided to drive home.

bad idea.

but such a good one.
you see, if we had ended up driving to the mountains, we would have got half way there and then had a bad car incident.

if you've never been to thunder in the valley, you can't possibly understand the traffic.
basically what happened was, in the hustle and bustle (not! it was a stand still!) of blairmore, of people trying to drive out onto the highway, my car overheated.

we're not just talking that the temperature gauge got to the H.
but when we shut the car off...
we could hear it boiling and bubbling.

talk about stress!!

luckily, aunt dianne was there to come rescue us. again.
i swear, she always always always comes to my aid.
such a great lady.

we finally got home at 3:14 on the dot. but we were too wired up on energy drinks to sleep. so we popped in a movie, and cuddled up for a long night.

[secretly, i ended up falling asleep and carter woke me up at 11:52. i dunno if he slept at all!]

we decided that, instead of being good little mormon kids (oops) and going to church
we would go on a date.
so we drove to lethbridge, ate at denny's 

(so good!!),
and went to

and it was amazing.

i, like every other hardcore potter fan, shed a few tears.
but even carter - who has himself admitted that he has never read the books, and never really got into the movies - said it was "so freaking good! can we go to it again?"

but i, unlike every other hardcore potter fan, disagree when they say

because these movies, like so many before, are so incredible that the hogwarts love spell will never end.
the end is near for our generation..
but i, for one, plan on reading the books to my children (or letting them read on their own), one at a time, and showing them the movies, one at a time. same as it was for us.
we will dress up and have harry potter parties.
there will always be harry potter halloween costumes.


this occurred to me at the end of the movie, when they showed *** and *********, ***** and *****, *****, and their ******* in the ******
*edited as to not ruin the end of the movie for those of you wieners who have never read the books, and have yet to see the movie. but when you see it, this is my favorite part!!
and it's not over! they are passing on the magic of hogwarts! just like i will, and i'm sure many of you will! 

anyways, that was my weekend.
how was yours?


  1. once my car overheated on the way to park city. it was terrifying. buuuut i TOTALLY relate to maybe this whole post?? going to denny's instead of church is always "soooo goooood." and i agree 100% with your thoughts on hp. i luh-luh-love it all. and the magic will NEVER die (unless we let it) and i plan on reading, re-reading and forcing my children to be addicts. long live potter.

  2. two comments from me on the same post, it's fine. don't be creeped.
    but you're right. i shouldn't knock what i haven't tried. i do agree that those suckers would be amazing for rock climbing and lake-type activities. but i just couldn't help myself. i mean, when a pregnant lady is wearing dress pants, a collared shirts and monkey shoes....it's just too good. hahah.