new loves.

i have a couple mew passions.

first? - suntanning. i've spent the last 5 days LOVING the great summer weather. it's been like at least 28┬║ every day for the last week almost, i think. and the UV index is reading 'high'. amazing.

second? - bug spray. because we had so much rain in april and may and even in june, there is standing water everywhere! and guess where stupid mosquitos breed? yep, that's right. in standing water. luckily, the lame old town of raymond has sprayed for skeeters a few times, but not enough to kill the ones that are already living! ahhhh. so before i go outside tanning? i soak up the bug spray. yum. *note to self - do not lick your fingers or lips after applying bug spray. 

third? - motorcycles (refer back to this post). riskaay? naw. carter is a great motorcyclist. i love going for rides with him. legit, i don't do anything. just throw on some pants and a jacket, climb on behind him, and chillax. he's super careful. especially with me on the bike with him. his dad and earl taught him well. plus, it's something he loves. so it's something i need to love. and i do! (however, i would love this, this (goes along with this post), this, and these to go with the hobby.)

fourth? - being in love. i sometimes forget how lucky i am. i know so many girls that just chase their tails trying to find a boy to love like them. they're so willing to change their appearance, their attitudes, and their hobbies to suit the boys. i am so glad that i was able to find carter, who loves me because of who i am, what i look like, and what i do; not who i changed to be, what i could look like, and what i don't do. 

fifth? - twitter. 

sixth? - this music. follow the playlist. love it. [did the link work? lemme know.]

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