that was totally wicked!

Today, Nicole misses..

- the McMurray brothers. Probably the greatest teachers ever employed at RHS.
- summer.
- Hawaii.
- the sun.
- clean socks.
- when my mom used to do my laundry.
- High School Musical : RJHS grade 9 edition.
- Hawaii.
- when me and Adrian and Ethan and Marshall were inseparable.
- The Cheesecake Cafe with above mentioned boys, Sydnee, and my mom.
- Elder Paxman.
- texting David (Elder Paxman) when I was in a bad mood, and he automatically knew, and he was always able to fix me.
- Viktoria Sulz (good thing she gets home in a week!!)
- Jessica Baker (good thing she gets home tomorrow!!)
- Kaiti (good thing I get to see her in a week!!)
- my glasses.
- my lip chap.
- my Blackberry. As much as I love my iPhone..
- Hawaii.
- Show Choir trips.
- Hawaii.
- not having braces on.
- grad.
- my whole grade, actually. I saw Morgan and Gabby this week, and it made me realize how excited I am for Sugarbowl!
- Kimber.
- gel nails.
- Rockband : Beatles.
- Scamp.
- Hawaii.
- not being diabetic.
- the 30 hour famine. That was such a good night!

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  1. I saw nothing in there about Gina. Shows how I rate I guess.