//remember when:

//remember when: i was going to go to utah? well, we didn't go.

//remember when: i dropped my phone on my face? well, i kind of have a fat lip now.

//remember when: i get 2 weeks off? well, i kind of miss taylor and madi. a lot.

//remember when: carter was sick for ever? well, i took care of him!

//remember when: i took care of carter 'cause he was sick? well, i didn't even get sick yet!

//remember when: i went and saw Tron with the sickie? well, it was amazing.

//remember when: viktoria got home from china? well, she did.

//remember when: it's christmas in a week? well, it is.

//remember when: in 10 days, me and carter will have been dating for 6 months? well yeah..6 months!

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