Making Nicole.

30 interesting facts about me.

1. My name is Nicole Pamela Martin. I'm named after my mom's mom, Pamela "Penny" Atwood. As much as I actually dislike the name Pamela, I think it's a true honor to be named after such a great woman. :) By the way, my name is Nicole. Not Nichole, or Nicky, or Niki, or Nickie, or any other assortment of names. Meagan calls me Cole, and Uncle Bryce calls me Pickle. That is all. The rest of you can - and will - call me Nicole.

2. I graduated - barely - from Raymond High School in June 2010. Jokes, I definitely passed. :) Yay!

3. I have four brothers, and two dogs. Ryan Dale, Tyler Quinn, Max Joseph, Justin Lyle, Gizmo, and Turbo (It's up to you to decide who is who).

4. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I love love love the gospel.

5. I currently work as a nanny for the McLaren family. I work with the two girls, Madison May and Taylor Rain. Madi is 5 and Taylor is 2. And they are just precious!

6. I spend money way too quickly.

7. I love my iPhone. A lot. Although, I occasionally wish I had waited for the iPhone 4G.. I was too impatient though.

8. I love chocolate. And cucumbers. 

9. I dislike mushrooms and tomatoes. And cheese.

10. I have the most amazing friends in the entire world.. Viktoria, Jessica, Carter, David, Myriam, Adrian, Marshall, Ethan.. I would trust any one of them with my life.

11. I love cuddling with Carter. :) I also love holding his hand. All the time.

12. I text. A lot. If I'm not texting someone.. I feel like something's wrong. Haha. But I'm a lot better than I used to be!! It used to be that if I didn't get a reply to my text in like 10 minutes, I'd either resend it, or send a different one. Now I can just chill out. Sometimes, I don't even reply to people!!

13. I love my sleep, but I tend to stay up too late.

14. I wish I knew how to wear make up for real.

15. My favorite movies of all time? The Harry Potter series, The Princess Bride, A Little Princess, John Tucker Must Die, and She's The Man!

16. I love reading. The Hunger Games is probably my newest favorite series, but I also LOVE everything by Anita Stansfield.. and JK Rowling.

17. I love jackets and shoes from the '80s and '90s.

19. I eat a lot of crap food.

20. Someday, I will own a brand spanking new, black, with leather interior BMW. Mmm..

21. I love, love, love, love Hawaii. It's the most incredible place I've ever been to.

22. I also love Paris. I've never actually been there.. But I love the idea of it. So one day I will go.

23. I want to learn how to drive a standard, ride a horse, and cook a roast beef dinner by my next birthday. 

24. My birthday is August 17, 1992, which means I will be 19 in a little more than 8 months!!

25. I have favorite cousins. Is that allowed? Meagan Cherie Pappenheim Martin Jones (whew!), and Kaitlin Maureen Atwood. :)

26. I am truly diabetic. Suck eggs.

27. I love playing the piano and singing. Not well, but I love doing it anyway.

28. I hated driving.. Until I got a new car and was forced to drive in Calgary. Now I love it. Except on bad roads.

29. Blogging and Facebook are my two favorite things to do on the internet. Also, Marshall sometimes sends me funny videos to watch on YouTube, so I like that too.

30. I'm annoying. Don't worry, I know it's true.

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