My "Big Hunk" :)

The following is a phone conversation between me and that one boy. [He's currently in Leduc.]

Nicole: Oh, do you think you could do me a favor on your way home??
Carter: Let me guess.. Stop in Nanton at the candy store??
N: Haha! Yes!
C: Whadya want?
N: A Big Hunk!
C: Well ya, I'll be home on Thursday, but what do you want from the candy store??
N: A Big Hunk! It's just chocolately, nougaty, peanuty goodness!
C: He sounds like a real catch. Now what did you want from the candy store??
N: Carter! Listen! I NEED a Big Hunk! Cause one time Marshall discovered that if you eat them in the shower they're just the best things EVER!
C: Okay, Nicole, I told you.. I'll be home on Thursday, then we can do whatever you want in the shower. 
{At this point I was dying of embarrassment and laughter. I fell off my bed and hit my back on a bottle of lotion. It hurt. Anyways, I finally gave up on trying to convince him that a Big Hunk (the chocolate bar, not him. Although him too..) would make me the happiest creature to ever stand on the planet. He was just twisting all my words to make them apply to him lol. It's a good thing I like him so much, or I'd probably try to whoop his arse every single day!!}


  1. haha thats really funny. what a punk. i'll have to try it in the shower! a big hunk, not carter lol..

  2. HAHAHA!!! that actually made me LOL...for realz!